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Star Trek: The Next Generation [S01-07] BDRemux

Source: Blu-Ray discs

Video: Untouched 1920x1080

Audio: Untouched English 7.1

Subtitles: None

Metadata: Cover art, episode info

Containner: Matroska

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5 years ago

Availability = 0.000 Not sure if anyone's seeding, but please do if you can. I recently got unlimited data cap so I'm seeding all my torrents 24/7 (and will include this one of course). My upload speed is 1MB/s (~10mb/s) Thanks for the upload twasnme :)

5 years ago

Proof of my seeding (my server is constantly downloading at full speed (3MB/s) and uploading at full speed (1MB/s) so that's why there's more downloads than uploads):

5 years ago

Hello, I just found out about this torrent and I will gladly seed it for several weeks. My request is the following: please keep seeding until I get home in about a week and can start downloading. This blu-ray series is extremely rare and I still can't believe I actually found an untouched version. I possess uncapped gigabit ethernet (1000Mbit/s) with >100MB/s upload speed and will have my server seed 24/7. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

5 years ago

I'm stuck at 47,2%, downloaded almost a half in 2 days. could you please seed just for a few more days? Thanks. I'm seeding this half 24/7 for your insight.

5 years ago

Torrent seems stuck. There is a seed but the upload is extremely slow. In two weeks, only 2% movement.

5 years ago

OK friends, this has been a big one: I have seeded this for 8 months - there are 60 people with 100%, so it's now your job to keep it alive. It would be a shame not to seed and let a torrent of this size simply die.

Here is the next one:

5 years ago

FWIW, I am also at 100% and I've seeded this for some time. I'm seeding at this very moment even though "Seeders:" (above) shows "0"--I've no clue why given I know I am successfully seeding to 10+ peers.

4 years ago

Great work, 1,2TB of fun :)

3 years ago

Hey guys,

I've finished this huge one. I'm gonna try to upload it to a file sharing service so that we can easily download it. If you know some free hosting service enough to host it, please let me know.

5 years ago

FWIW, I am also at 100% and I've seeded this for some time. I'm seeding at this very moment even though "Seeders:" (above) shows "0"--I've no clue why given I know I am successfully seeding to 10+ peers.


The Next Generation/001. Encounter at Farpoint.mkv 16 GB
The Next Generation/002. The Naked Now.mkv 7.4 GB
The Next Generation/003. Code of Honor.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/004. The Last Outpost.mkv 7.4 GB
The Next Generation/005. Where No One Has Gone Before.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/006. Lonely Among Us.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/007. Justice.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/008. The Battle.mkv 7.4 GB
The Next Generation/009. Hide and Q.mkv 6.9 GB
The Next Generation/010. Haven.mkv 6.6 GB
The Next Generation/011. The Big Goodbye.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/012. Datalore.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/013. Angel One.mkv 6.6 GB
The Next Generation/014. 11001001.mkv 7.3 GB
The Next Generation/015. Too Short a Season.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/016. When the Bough Breaks.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/017. Home Soil.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/018.Coming of Age.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/019. Heart of Glory.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/020. The Arsenal of Freedom.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/021. Symbiosis.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/022. Skin of Evil.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/023. We'll Always Have Paris.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/024. Conspiracy.mkv 10 GB
The Next Generation/025. The Neutral Zone.mkv 10 GB
The Next Generation/026. The Child.mkv 6.4 GB
The Next Generation/027. Where Silence Has Lease.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/028. Elementary, Dear Data.mkv 6.6 GB
The Next Generation/029. The Outrageous Okona.mkv 6.6 GB
The Next Generation/030. Loud as a Whisper.mkv 6.5 GB
The Next Generation/031. The Schizoid Man.mkv 6.5 GB
The Next Generation/032. Unnatural Selection.mkv 6.5 GB
The Next Generation/033. A Matter of Honor.mkv 6.5 GB
The Next Generation/034. The Measure of a Man.mkv 5.5 GB
The Next Generation/035. The Dauphin.mkv 6.3 GB
The Next Generation/036. Contagion.mkv 6.4 GB
The Next Generation/037. The Royale.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/038. Time Squared.mkv 6.5 GB
The Next Generation/039. The Icarus Factor.mkv 6.2 GB
The Next Generation/040. Pen Pals.mkv 6.4 GB
The Next Generation/041. Q Who.mkv 6.6 GB
The Next Generation/042. Samaritan Snare.mkv 6.5 GB
The Next Generation/043. Up the Long Ladder.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/044. Manhunt.mkv 6.4 GB
The Next Generation/045. The Emissary.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/046. Peak Performance.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/047. Shades of Gray.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/048. Evolution.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/049. The Ensigns of Command.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/050. The Survivors.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/051. Who Watches the Watchers.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/052. The Bonding.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/053. Booby Trap.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/054. The Enemy.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/055. The Price.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/056. The Vengeance Factor.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/057. The Defector.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/058. The Hunted.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/059. The High Ground.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/060. Déjà Q.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/061. A Matter of Perspective.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/062. Yesterday's Enterprise.mkv 6.9 GB
The Next Generation/063. The Offspring.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/064. Sins of the Father.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/065. Allegiance.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/066. Captain's Holiday.mkv 6.9 GB
The Next Generation/067. Tin Man.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/068. Hollow Pursuits.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/069. The Most Toys.mkv 6.9 GB
The Next Generation/070. Sarek.mkv 6.8 GB
The Next Generation/071. Ménage à Troi.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/072. Transfigurations.mkv 7.4 GB
The Next Generation/073. The Best of Both Worlds.mkv 7.4 GB
The Next Generation/074. The Best of Both Worlds: Part II.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/075. Family.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/076. Brothers.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/077. Suddenly Human.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/078. Remember Me.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/079. Legacy.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/080. Reunion.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/081. Future Imperfect.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/082. Final Mission.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/083. The Loss.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/084. Data's Day.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/085. The Wounded.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/086. Devil's Due.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/087. Clues.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/088. First Contact.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/089. Galaxy's Child.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/090. Night Terrors.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/091. Identity Crisis.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/092. The Nth Degree.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/093. Qpid.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/094. The Drumhead.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/095. Half a Life.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/096. The Host.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/097. The Mind's Eye.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/098. In Theory.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/099. Redemption.mkv 7.8 GB
The Next Generation/100. Redemption II.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/101. Darmok.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/102. Ensign Ro.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/103. Silicon Avatar.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/104. Disaster.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/105. The Game.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/106. Unification I.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/107. Unification II.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/108. A Matter of Time.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/109. New Ground.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/110. Hero Worship.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/111. Violations.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/112. The Masterpiece Society.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/113. Conundrum.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/114. Power Play.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/115. Ethics.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/116. The Outcast.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/117. Cause and Effect.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/118. The First Duty.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/119. Cost of Living.mkv 7.3 GB
The Next Generation/120. The Perfect Mate.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/121. Imaginary Friend.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/122. I, Borg.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/123. The Next Phase.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/124. The Inner Light.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/125. Time's Arrow.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/126. Time's Arrow, Part II.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/127. Realm of Fear.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/128. Man of the People.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/129. Relics.mkv 7.5 GB
The Next Generation/130. Schisms.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/131. True Q.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/132. Rascals.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/133. A Fistful of Datas.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/134. The Quality of Life.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/135. Chain of Command, Part I.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/136. Chain of Command, Part II.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/137. Ship in a Bottle.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/138. Aquiel.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/139. Face of the Enemy.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/140. Tapestry.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/141. Birthright, Part I.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/142. Birthright, Part II.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/143. Starship Mine.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/144. Lessons.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/145. The Chase.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/146. Frame of Mind.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/147. Suspicions.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/148. Rightful Heir.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/149. Second Chances.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/150. Timescape.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/151. Descent.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/152. Descent, Part II.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/153. Liaisons.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/154. Interface.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/155. Gambit, Part I.mkv 6.7 GB
The Next Generation/156. Gambit, Part II.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/157. Phantasms.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/158. Dark Page.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/159. Attached.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/160. Force of Nature.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/161. Inheritance.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/162. Parallels.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/163. The Pegasus.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/164. Homeward.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/165. Sub Rosa.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/166. Lower Decks.mkv 7.2 GB
The Next Generation/167. Thine Own Self.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/168. Masks.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/169. Eye of the Beholder.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/170. Genesis.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/171. Journey's End.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/172. Firstborn.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/173. Bloodlines.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/174. Emergence.mkv 7.1 GB
The Next Generation/175. Preemptive Strike.mkv 7.0 GB
The Next Generation/176. All Good Things....mkv 14 GB


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