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  • Zombie Powder Volumes 01-04 (Digital) (Lovag-Empire)
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  • Zombie Powder Volumes Digital Lovag Empire
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"Elwood was a knife-thrower caught in a life of crime until he met Gamma Akutabi, class "S" criminal, a man with a six-foot chainsaw and a metal hand. Soon, Elwood is caught up in Gamma's quest for the most precious objects in the world, the Rings that might give new life to Elwood's sister...or make Gamma even harder to kill than he is already. But to get eternal life, they'll have to put their own lives on the line...and look down the barrel of the gun of the only man who is Gamma's equal..."


I will be seeding this for a limited time, so please seed plenty when done.

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6 months ago

Kubo's old works ^^



Zombie Powder/ZOMBIEPOWDER. v01 (2006) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr 81 MB
Zombie Powder/ZOMBIEPOWDER. v02 (2006) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr 98 MB
Zombie Powder/ZOMBIEPOWDER. v03 (2007) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr 96 MB
Zombie Powder/ZOMBIEPOWDER. v04 (2007) (Digital) (Lovag-Empire).cbr 88 MB


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