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You Are Love by Tomas Nesnidal EPUB

For a long time, you have been conditioned to believe that love is something you need to ‘deserve’, that you have to ‘work hard for’ or even that you should ‘beg for’...

You’ve been infected with endless limiting beliefs about yourself, while repeatedly betrayed or even humiliated by people who thought they were something ‘better’ than you. People who were never even capable of seeing and understanding your true UNIQUENESS, perfection, value, and sacrifices. People who definitely are not deserving of all the amazing LOVE you have to offer.

It’s time to CHANGE that.

It's finally time to let go of all these disempowering and harmful lies, toxic relationships, and dependencies on people who’ll never acknowledge and appreciate you anyway.

It’s time to take a radically different approach to something as amazing and beautiful as LOVE. It’s time to get the power back to your hands, and fully realize how you already ARE the most lovable being on this planet. And of course, make OTHERS start seeing and realizing that too.

This book will show you exactly HOW.


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