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Warcraft 3 + Frozen Throne version 1.21
To play: Just unrar

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6 years ago

funciona perfectamante...pero antes desactive el antivirus...gracias

6 years ago

have virus win32:malware-gen

6 years ago

how to unrar?

5 years ago


4 years ago

For anyone having the DirectX error/CD key error still after creating the registry and patching, all you need to do is this:

-Make a shortcut to Frozen Throne -right-click on the shortcut -Go to "Properties" -in the "Target" dialog box, add "-opengl" to the end (without the quotation marks, obviously).

You may need to go into Properties in the shortcut and change the compatibility to windows 2000 and run as administrator also if it dont run right.


4 years ago

@oke931, thanks! Kept getting the InstallPath and Checksum error. It works now.

4 years ago

Maybe someone can help me - I downloaded this a year or two ago and it has always worked fine. Tried playing tonight and I'm getting the same "Can't find CD key" business. Not sure what caused it but I can't remember what I did to get around it the first time. Anyone have suggestions? There's no ISO to mount and I can't find any cracks in it to run. Thanks

4 years ago

After many attempts at reinstalling it (unraring it), I deleted it, rebooted my computer and reinstalled it. Works fine again.

4 years ago

hay can anyone help me run anon OS on virtual box

3 years ago

Can you upload the 1.26 latest version? hehe. Cant get past, install path error when applying 1.26 patch. Tnx! This is working.

2 years ago

Wtf people stop saying this has virus, its the computer's problem not the torrent. I installed this without any viruses incoming, its probably also your AntiVirus problem (Just like Avira).

Also one thing, is it the internet's problem towards joining battle.net? I cant join any server or even the option to join battle.net. :(


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