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Voices from Beyond (1991)

  • Horror Mystery Drama
  • Giorgia Mainardi, a brutal and egoistic person, died. Noone is really interested in his death, but during his autopsy they find out he was murdered. As a voice from dead, he and his daugther try to find the murder of him... but they have to hurry, because his spirit is fading away.



    Wealthy businessman Giorgio Mainardi has died of a stomach hemorrhage, but his ghost is not so sure that it was a random misfortune and wants to know the truth. Unfortunately, almost everyone around him is happy to see him gone. Everyone, that is, except for his daughter Rosy, who still feels affection for her father even though they have drifted apart. With her medical student boyfriend, Johnathan, Rosy will try to get to the bottom of her father's death.

    Voices from Beyond (1991) download

    Voices from Beyond (1991) download

    Voices from Beyond (1991) download

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    1 month ago

    Caution: Some plot and scenes revealed"Voices from beyond" is one of Fulci's most coherent and successful productions, especially among his last films. As usual, the subject are the horrors of death and what comes after it.The story deals with the death of Giorgi Mainardi, a man with a lot of money and enemies. After the prologue and the opening credits we witness the violent death of Mainardi, vomitting loads of blood. During his burial ceremony we are introduced to the main characters and in flash back sequences to why they had good reason to hate him. After his death, Mainardi manages to keep contact to the living: To his only trustee, his daughter Rosy, he talks in dreams, and his enemies he haunts with terrible nightmares. This concept gives Fulci the opportunity to insert many wildly surreal dream sequences (including, believe it or not, a zombie attack), and he makes good use of it. This dreamlike aspect of the movie is contrasted to the clinical analysis of Mainardi's death and decay, starting from his unpleasant demise on the death bed, ranging over the autopsy carried out by the Maestro (i.e., Fulci) himself, and ending in repeated shots of his decaying corpse.Other fine images include a still life with broken light bulbs (the device used to kill Mainardi) which summarizes the evil plot against him.We also watch the claustrophobia of Mainardi's father whose spirit is still alive but who has no means to communicate with the outside world, except his tears. He has to suffer interminable mockings through Mainardi's enemies.Maybe this character expresses Fulci's own incapacity to express himself properly in his latest movies due to extremely limited budgets and equipment. In fact, in an interview Fulci declared that he wanted to make one more movie with sufficient production values (i.e., "The Wax mask"), so that he can die in peace. As everybody knows, fate has declined this favour to him.Nevertheless, with "Voices from beyond", Fulci has demonstrated that he could create something of value even with restricted resources.

    1 month ago

    One of Lucio Fulci's last films, this is a cross between a murder mystery and a horror shocker. It has a rather weak script and resolution (it just doesn't seem to matter much who did it one way or the other), but it's stylishly, sometimes imaginatively directed by Fulci. (SPOILERS FOLLOW)......Some viewers called this too tame; I guess it depends on your standards. It does feature a gruesome autopsy scene, repeated shots of worms munching on a rotting corpse, a attack by decomposed zombies (!) and a scene of a man who spits blood. Not your normal "mystery" stuff, I'd say. (**1/2)

    1 month ago

    This is one of the last films Fulci directed and you can tell. As this is a decent film it is not a horror movie. It's more of a mystery with very little of what made Fulci a great horror/gore director. It really does stray from the norm for Fulci as this story is more on the story and characters than it is on gore.Basically, a very wealthy man dies an unnatural death (spewing up blood). His family are all a bunch of money grubbers except his daughter (who is the star of the movie). She has a dream one night that her father comes to her and tells her that he was murdered and that she needs to find the person that killed him before it's too late.Now, the story is kind of interesting but things just don't click together. You can tell with many of the scenes that Fulci was trying to incorporate his psychedelic horror style but the story wasn't right for that style. There were though many scenes that were good and very eye catching. The music in the movie was very hypnotic and enjoyable. The big problem with this movie is the gore. There is very little gore. The gore that is in the movie doesn't even go on par with his work in the late 70's and early 80's. Though, there was one funny scene at the beginning of the movie involving a crying child and his crazed father threatening to stab him with a knife.Over all, for Fulci fans I have to rate this a 3/10. For a regular movie, I have to rate this a 5/10. It's not bad but it's not good.


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