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**Learn to use Unity and C Sharp (C#) to create a

basic game. This course makes Unity fun not scary

  • Learn to Use Unity

  • Learn to create a working scene inside of Unity

  • Understand how to start writing code

  • Learn the way to write AI in Unity

  • Recognize what the main windows of Unity do

  • Learn how to use some of the complex parts of Unity like

Raycasts and State Machines

Starting as a beginner

Many people want to start programming but do not know how. From

moving around the project to creating code. We will go over all

the parts that make Unity a great game engine. We

will write code that is up to date and will create

analogies along the way so that you remember how

to use the functions. This course will give you an

understanding of how unity projects work and how

Unity C# works. After you are finished, you will

have the knowledge to read a unity documentation

and know what it means. More so, you will have

experience in writing optimized code and will be able to

utilize it in any Unity Project

At the end of this course, you will have the foundation needed to

do anything in Unity. This course is focused on giving the

knowledge needed to follow any other Unity course. Even if you

want to go into scene design or lighting, after this course

you will know what the basic menus do and how to move around the


Prerequisite knowledge

You do not need any background knowledge of Unity

for this course. This video series is for the people

that want to start with Unity and Unity C# but do

not know how. After this course, you will better

understand what game you might want to create. This course

will also help you better understand any other lesson that you

see about Unity. This course lays the foundation for the other

courses that are not as focused on code**

More at ibit.to
And ibit.uno
And ibit.am
And ibit.ws


3 years ago

Thank you


1_-_Introduction/1_-_Creating_a_Unity_Project.mp4 34 MB
2_-_Main_Course/9_-_Added_Jump.mp4 60 MB
2_-_Main_Course/8_-_Added_bounds_to_Movement.mp4 45 MB
2_-_Main_Course/16_-_Added_Line_of_Sight.mp4 44 MB
2_-_Main_Course/7_-_Player_Movement.mp4 43 MB
2_-_Main_Course/11_-_Rotate_our_Coins.mp4 41 MB
2_-_Main_Course/10_-_Created_Coins.mp4 38 MB
2_-_Main_Course/6_-_Adding_Rotation_and_Input.mp4 37 MB
2_-_Main_Course/2_-_Learning_the_Edit_Window_and_Shortcut_Keys.mp4 36 MB
2_-_Main_Course/3_-_Transform_Component_and_GameObject_Window.mp4 32 MB
2_-_Main_Course/4_-_Starting_to_Program.mp4 31 MB
2_-_Main_Course/15_-_Added_Enemy_Attack.mp4 30 MB
2_-_Main_Course/14_-_GoTo_and_Attack_States.mp4 28 MB
2_-_Main_Course/5_-_Setting_up_Variables.mp4 27 MB
2_-_Main_Course/13_-_Calling_States.mp4 27 MB
2_-_Main_Course/12_-_Creating_a_State_Machine.mp4 20 MB
3_-_Bonus_Material/18_-_Credits.txt 100 B
3_-_Bonus_Material/17_-_Course_Assets.txt 100 B
1__Introduction -
1__Creating_a_Unity_Project.mp4 34 MB
/2__Main_Course -
/9__Added_Jump.mp4 60 MB
/8__Added_bounds_to_Movement.mp4 45 MB
/16__Added_Line_of_Sight.mp4 44 MB
/7__Player_Movement.mp4 43 MB
/11__Rotate_our_Coins.mp4 41 MB
/10__Created_Coins.mp4 38 MB
/6__Adding_Rotation_and_Input.mp4 37 MB
/2__Learning_the_Edit_Window_and_Shortcut_Keys.mp4 36 MB
/3__Transform_Component_and_GameObject_Window.mp4 32 MB
/4__Starting_to_Program.mp4 31 MB
/15__Added_Enemy_Attack.mp4 30 MB
/14__GoTo_and_Attack_States.mp4 28 MB
/5__Setting_up_Variables.mp4 27 MB
/13__Calling_States.mp4 27 MB
/12__Creating_a_State_Machine.mp4 20 MB
/3__Bonus_Material -
/18__Credits.txt 148 B
/17__Course_Assets.txt 129 B


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