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  • TheBeatPlug – Get Connected Drum Kit
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  • TheBeatPlug Connected Drum Kit
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The ‘Get Connected’ Drum Kit by TheBeatPlug encapsulates the modern day trap sound and is essential to every trap producer out there. Included are signature sounds and drums used and created by TheBeatPlug himself. Coming in at just over 100 sounds, this kit is a must-purchase for any producer looking to expand their drum library.

Product Details:

18 808s

17 FX

11 Hats

10 Loops

8 Hits

6 Kicks

6 Open Hats

5 Crash x Cymbals

10 Clap & Snares

16 Vox

More at ibit.to
And ibit.uno
And ibit.ws



ReadMe.txt 252 B
Kicks/TBP Gladiator Kick.wav 53 kB
Crash x Cymbals/TBP Extendo Cymbal.wav 192 kB
Kicks/TBP Aqua13 Kick.wav 215 kB
Hats/TBP HH.wav 326 kB
Hats/TBP HD HH.wav 326 kB
Hits/TBP Justin Hit.wav 327 kB
Open Hats/TBP Wave OH.wav 353 kB
Crash x Cymbals/TBP Industrial Crash.wav 353 kB
Crash x Cymbals/TBP Rusty Cymbal.wav 353 kB
Hats/TBP Crushed HH.wav 353 kB
Snare x Claps/TBP Deep Reverb Snare.wav 353 kB
Crash x Cymbals/TBP Wiggle Cymbal.wav 353 kB
Hats/TBP Wasted OH.wav 470 kB
Hats/TBP BodyCount HH.wav 470 kB
Hats/TBP ATL HH.wav 652 kB
Open Hats/TBP Monster OH.wav 652 kB
Hats/TBP Live Hat.wav 652 kB
Hats/TBP Basic Hoe HH.wav 652 kB
Hits/TBP Hit 2.wav 652 kB
Snare x Claps/TBP Clop.wav 652 kB
Open Hats/TBP Goto OH.wav 652 kB
Hits/TBP Sig Hit.wav 652 kB
FX/TBP Drugz.wav 801 kB
Crash x Cymbals/TBP Hong Kong Crash.wav 831 kB
Artwork.jpg 941 kB
Loops/TBP Stars Arp Loop.wav 1.2 MB
Loops/TBP CHI Arp Loop.wav 1.3 MB
Loops/TBP Live Hat Loop.wav 1.3 MB
Kicks/TBP Goto Kick.wav 1.3 MB
Hats/TBP Goto HH.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP KeepUP 808.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP AirHead.wav 1.3 MB
Hits/TBP Crackhead.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP LaLa.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Le Toucan.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Woah.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Lost 808.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP LoudPack 808.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Ballpark Snare.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP F L U TE B O Y Z.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Element Clap.wav 1.3 MB
Hits/TBP Closed Curtains.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Tears 808.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Downtown Vox.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP NBA 808.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Mad Dog 808.wav 1.3 MB
Hits/TBP Goto Bell.wav 1.3 MB
Hits/TBP Sorry Hit.wav 1.3 MB
Loops/TBP Sig Shake Loop.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Trill Clap.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Tears Scream Vox.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Dist 808.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Snow FX.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP SremmLife.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP BeastMode 808.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Sprite.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Future Piano.wav 1.3 MB
Loops/TBP BackWhen Loop.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Convict Rise.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Over Vox.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Liquid O2.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Overdrive 808.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Wall$treet.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Fiend 808.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Spiral.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Passing By.wav 1.3 MB
Hats/TBP What More HH.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Dope Fiend Alarm.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Cowboy Gucci.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Tokyo Vox.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Rocks.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Pray 2 Vox.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP MUD.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Lights Out Snare Clap.wav 1.3 MB
Open Hats/TBP Perfect OH.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Goto Layer Snare.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP New ATL 808.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Mom Vox.wav 1.3 MB
Hats/TBP Zay Shake.wav 1.3 MB
Kicks/TBP Memphis Kick.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Island Guitar.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP BodyCount 808.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Boa.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Hollywood.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Snow Vox.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Add Flang.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Real Estate Rim.wav 1.3 MB
Hits/TBP RnB Hit.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Thugger 808.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Pray Vox.wav 1.3 MB
Vox/TBP Dat.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Choppa Snare.wav 1.3 MB
Open Hats/TBP OldSchool OH.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Chocolate 808.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Well Rounded 808.wav 1.3 MB
Kicks/TBP Signature Kick.wav 1.3 MB
FX/TBP Traffic.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Coffee 808.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP Denial 808.wav 1.3 MB
808s/TBP WallStreet 808.wav 1.3 MB
Kicks/TBP Bounce Kick.wav 1.3 MB
Open Hats/TBP Miami OH.wav 1.3 MB
Snare x Claps/TBP Zay Snare.wav 1.3 MB
Loops/TBP Sig Shake Loop_2.wav 1.3 MB
Loops/TBP Ride Or Die Hat Loop.wav 1.4 MB
Loops/TBP No Limit Snare Loop.wav 1.4 MB
Loops/TBP Apocalypse Hat Loop.wav 1.4 MB
Loops/TBP Body Snare Loop.wav 1.9 MB
get-connected.png 2.0 MB
Loops/TBP Kingpin Piano Loop.wav 2.5 MB
TheBeatPlug.Get.Connected.Drum.Kit.WAV/ReadMe.txt 252 B
/TBP Gladiator Kick.wav 51 kB
/TBP Extendo Cymbal.wav 187 kB
/TBP Aqua13 Kick.wav 210 kB
/TBP HH.wav 318 kB
/TBP HD HH.wav 318 kB
/TBP Justin Hit.wav 319 kB
/TBP Wave OH.wav 345 kB
/TBP Industrial Crash.wav 345 kB
/TBP Rusty Cymbal.wav 345 kB
/TBP Crushed HH.wav 345 kB
/TBP Deep Reverb Snare.wav 345 kB
/TBP Wiggle Cymbal.wav 345 kB
/TBP Wasted OH.wav 460 kB
/TBP BodyCount HH.wav 460 kB
/TBP ATL HH.wav 636 kB
/TBP Monster OH.wav 636 kB
/TBP Live Hat.wav 636 kB
/TBP Basic Hoe HH.wav 636 kB
/TBP Hit 2.wav 636 kB
/TBP Clop.wav 636 kB
/TBP Goto OH.wav 636 kB
/TBP Sig Hit.wav 636 kB
/TBP Drugz.wav 782 kB
/TBP Hong Kong Crash.wav 811 kB
/Artwork.jpg 919 kB
/TBP Stars Arp Loop.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP CHI Arp Loop.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Live Hat Loop.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Goto Kick.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Goto HH.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP KeepUP 808.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP AirHead.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Crackhead.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP LaLa.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Le Toucan.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Woah.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Lost 808.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP LoudPack 808.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Ballpark Snare.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP F L U TE B O Y Z.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Element Clap.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Closed Curtains.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Tears 808.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Downtown Vox.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP NBA 808.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Mad Dog 808.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Goto Bell.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Sorry Hit.wav 1.2 MB
/TBP Sig Shake Loop.wav 1.2 MB


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