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The Witch (2016)

  • Mystery Horror
  • In 1630s New England, William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life with five children, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness, exiled from their settlement when William defies the local church. When their newborn son vanishes and crops mysteriously fail, the family turns on one another.

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    New England, 1630: William and Katherine try to lead a devout Christian life, homesteading on the edge of an impassible wilderness, with five children. When their newborn son mysteriously vanishes and their crops fail, the family begins to turn on one another. 'The Witch' is a chilling portrait of a family unraveling within their own sins, leaving them prey for an inconceivable evil.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt4263482/

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    The Witch (2015) download

    The Witch (2015) download

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    > While an evil force slowly possessing them, the family bond is put on a test. The film was based on the collection of a series of the real events that takes place in the 17th century New England. The story of a farmer family who came across the ocean, but now lives on the edge of the forest after denied permission to build a house in a village. When the newborn baby disappears in a thin air, the family begins to experience the mysterious events. Without a clue about the happenings, the evil force begins to possess them while the unity of the family is tested. Wow, finally a wonderful horror-psychological-thriller. Usually horror films are the worst kind compared with other genres, because most of them overly rely on the sudden sound/noise and gore. But there are many awesome horror films I had liked which were better story than the graphical presentation, like this one. So I love good narration than those try to scare me with make-ups, stunts and sound mixings. It was a limited cast film, sets in a beautiful remote place and the language was awesome that perfectly suits for the horror theme like this. Everyone's performance was brilliant. It is just a one million dollar film and the entire film was shot within a month. The records are not matter when the writing and the direction were top notch. Especially for a first timer it was a remarkable achievement. A simple plot, developed greatly and the suspense was the highlight. Yet viewers expect more explanation, but I'm happy for what it is and it should not go deeper than that which might spoil its unique flavour. Not just horror film fans, everyone should try it if they're capable to handle the slow narration. Finally, like usual, here I won't ask for a sequel, because it'll make an amazing one off film than the dozens of crappy follow ups. 8/10

    This was a really good horror film. The direction was very interesting and Robert Egger plays with darkness and shadows in a really horrifying way. The tension is unbearable at times. The dialogue is a bit hard to follow as it is very "oldé English" to add to the historical accuracy of the piece. The actors are all good at reciting this strange dialect and demonstrating the paranoia spreading through the family thanks to religion and superstition.The film is based on accounts and texts found from the era and so everything seen on screen has been taken from sources and barely been touched. Every part of the film seems authentic. It is refreshing to see a film that doesn't really on jump-scares and annoying "cattle-prod" techniques to make audiences scared. 'The Witch' is genuinely disturbing without resorting to these techniques. It is very strange and gory when it needs to be. I also found these strange scenes quite fascinating and educational as the film almost seems like a historical document. ★★★★

    Talk about old school! “The Witch” is a painstaking recreation of Puritan life in New England. The lifestyle is mimicked. The clothes are period-accurate. The dialogue is actually based off of documents and speeches from that time. It’s as if Mel Gibson decided to update “The Passion of the Christ” by 1600 years. As mentioned, the movie is set in Puritan New England as a family is banished from the larger community and has to make their own way out in the wilderness. As they build their home, strange things begin to happen, starting with the abduction of the infant Samuel. Things continue to get worse and worse, until… okay, no spoilers. See the movie. This is a dark and effective movie. I can’t remember the last time I actually had a start from the all too often used jump scares, but the movie is absorbing enough that it did manage to “get” me a couple times. Robert Eggers seems to have kicked off a new wave in old-school, deep supernatural and existential horror. I won’t lie that I drew some comparisons between this and Ari Aster’s “Hereditary,” if nothing else than by simply the way the movie felt and left me feeling at the end. That being said, the film isn’t perfect. In fact, oddly enough, it’s perfection is what gives it imperfection. The period is so painstakingly recreated, in particular the dialogue, that sometimes hearing it can be jarring, making me stop for just a second to think about what was just said, which unfortunately interrupts the flow and managed to pull me out of the film. It’s kind of a strange complaint that something could be so accurate that it fails to suspend disbelief, but here we are. “The Witch” is quite an achievement and I’m glad that this film, which would otherwise be relegated to underground status, has managed to achieve a following, enough so that Robert Eggers got to do a follow-up with the Lovecraftian-looking “The Lighthouse.” Definitely worth checking out.


    3 years ago

    I saw this movie a couple of times already and it still lingers in my head everyday. The tone and imagery of this film crawled inside me and nestled itself in my mind like no other had in a long time.The aspects of the film (lighting, sound, dialog, pacing, composition) created an atmosphere so real I was no longer sitting on my couch watching, but rather living this inherited puritan nightmare. This was the result of a director who not only painstakingly researched every aspect of colonial life in the 1630s, but who also executed his ideas with striking confidence.Calling this movie scary doesn't due justice to how truly powerful and intense the horror scenes feel. He doesn't hold back, shy away with the camera or use bullshit jump-scares to frighten you. Rather he composes scenes like an artist would a painting. In fact, I would almost say this film could be seen as a Fransisco Goya painting brought to life. He focuses in on the evil at hand, while still maintaining a sense of unknown and wonder. He is brilliant at what he shows you, but more in what he doesn't show.Films like these don't come around very often. There is true passion seen here by a very hungry, driven and intelligent director. I am truly impressed and hope he has a long and successful career.

    3 years ago

    I find this movie very poetic. The nature is beautiful. The forest and the river near the family home add to the romantic feeling of the movie. I love the small moments of suspense throughout the movie that make the viewer think who is behind the crimes. It took a long time for me to accept the supernatural aspect of the story but, as it turns our, fits perfectly in it. The ending is one of the best I've seen in any horror movie.

    3 years ago

    The atmosphere of this film is stellar. The setup of the family being ousted from their village and heading into the woods to live alone really drives home how incredibly lonely it must have been for many people back then. Without regular contact with others, some families only interacted with each other. This film sets up the extreme version of that, with the family deep in the woods. It is bleak and disturbing, even before anything supernatural happens. The acting is good, but it lacked the depth of character development that I needed to really care about the characters. Rather than feeling emotionally invested, I just felt like, "Hmm, that's interesting." And it often was. Though at times it was also quite slow. For such a hyped film, I though much of the critical lavish praise was overdone, but it's always nice to see a low-budget indie film breakout.

    2 years ago

    thanks YTSAGx

    3 years ago

    This is more of a historical psychological thriller than a Hollywood blood and guts horror film.The film is a loving and accurate recreation of Puritan New England in the 1600s with everything from the language to the sets being authentic to the period. That in and of itself makes it fascinating to watch. Having lived in Virginia, where the Jamestown Settlement and the 1600s sometimes can seem like they happened the day before yesterday, I especially enjoyed the film. The location, in Ontario, reminded me of rural Virginia in winter, which made me quite homesick. So the film might have affected me more than some other audience members.The Witch is a fascinating glimpse into Christianity as practiced by 17th century Puritans. Satan and Evil are almost tangible presences in the woods and wilderness of the New World, while God is a distant, cold, and demanding being who must be constantly begged for forgiveness and mercy, since all human thoughts, words, and deeds seem to be gravely sinful and offensive to his eyes. A family of seven (parents, four children, and an infant) are exiled from their plantation community for not adhering to the accepted interpretation of scripture. They build a farm at a distance from the plantation near a frightening wood. The farm is failing (the family won't have food to last the winter). Meanwhile, the infant has been snatched from the oldest daughter while in her care at the edge of the wood. From this point on the family either descends into madness or is destroyed by Satan in the form of a witch who lives nearby in the woods. How the family's disintegration is interpreted will depend on which century's point of view you choose to use.

    3 years ago

    This is what I call a good movie. But it is not for everyone. After seeing the trailer, lots of people thought they get a horror spectacle. I'll never understand why, because the trailer itself is very slow, just like the whole movie.The movies has a slow pace but its still intense. And it will only feel intense if you give in and not wait for action and speed. This movie is no Hollywood spectacle.The movie feels like a depiction of real life. No stupid jokes and exaggerated action scenes. Slow and calm dialogues. I liked the way the witch was enacted too. I am happy to see that she is not shown as a crazy woman jumping around eating toads.On the other side, I wished there would have been a deeper insight into the witches thoughts.So... go and see if you want more than silly Hollywood witches.

    3 years ago

    If people from the 17th Century could make a film about their deepest darkest horrors - it would look a lot like this movie! The Witch engrosses you in the time and place of its setting, it's a family drama, a horror and a folk tale. All interwoven together into a macabre ode of the times when people were frightened of the primeval darkness of the forests and the inexplicable twists of their wretched fates. Intense and gripping from the very beginning. With some of the most amazing acting I've seen by the youngest cast members. Fantastic movie for horror fans and a masterful period piece. I would recommend it highly to horror fans and fans of history and good cinema in general.


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