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The Witch (2016)

  • Mystery Horror
  • In 1630s New England, William and Katherine lead a devout Christian life with five children, homesteading on the edge of an impassable wilderness, exiled from their settlement when William defies the local church. When their newborn son vanishes and crops mysteriously fail, the family turns on one another.

  • $3,500,000
  • Description

    A family in 1630s New England is torn apart by the forces of witchcraft| black magic and possession.




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    Visual       : 1792x1080 8646Kbps 23.976

    Acoustic     : English DTS 1509Kbps 6ch

    Textual      :  English

    Target Size  : 6706MB

    Mission Info : https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4263482

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    > While an evil force slowly possessing them, the family bond is put on a test. The film was based on the collection of a series of the real events that takes place in the 17th century New England. The story of a farmer family who came across the ocean, but now lives on the edge of the forest after denied permission to build a house in a village. When the newborn baby disappears in a thin air, the family begins to experience the mysterious events. Without a clue about the happenings, the evil force begins to possess them while the unity of the family is tested. Wow, finally a wonderful horror-psychological-thriller. Usually horror films are the worst kind compared with other genres, because most of them overly rely on the sudden sound/noise and gore. But there are many awesome horror films I had liked which were better story than the graphical presentation, like this one. So I love good narration than those try to scare me with make-ups, stunts and sound mixings. It was a limited cast film, sets in a beautiful remote place and the language was awesome that perfectly suits for the horror theme like this. Everyone's performance was brilliant. It is just a one million dollar film and the entire film was shot within a month. The records are not matter when the writing and the direction were top notch. Especially for a first timer it was a remarkable achievement. A simple plot, developed greatly and the suspense was the highlight. Yet viewers expect more explanation, but I'm happy for what it is and it should not go deeper than that which might spoil its unique flavour. Not just horror film fans, everyone should try it if they're capable to handle the slow narration. Finally, like usual, here I won't ask for a sequel, because it'll make an amazing one off film than the dozens of crappy follow ups. 8/10

    This was a really good horror film. The direction was very interesting and Robert Egger plays with darkness and shadows in a really horrifying way. The tension is unbearable at times. The dialogue is a bit hard to follow as it is very "oldé English" to add to the historical accuracy of the piece. The actors are all good at reciting this strange dialect and demonstrating the paranoia spreading through the family thanks to religion and superstition.The film is based on accounts and texts found from the era and so everything seen on screen has been taken from sources and barely been touched. Every part of the film seems authentic. It is refreshing to see a film that doesn't really on jump-scares and annoying "cattle-prod" techniques to make audiences scared. 'The Witch' is genuinely disturbing without resorting to these techniques. It is very strange and gory when it needs to be. I also found these strange scenes quite fascinating and educational as the film almost seems like a historical document. ★★★★


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