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The Underneath (1995)

  • Thriller Crime Drama
  • Michael Chambers has come home to Austin, Texas to his mother who's starting a new life, to his brother whose driven by old jealousies, and to Rachel—the woman he married and then betrayed with his passion for gambling. Now she's together with Tommy, so Michael devises a plan to get Rachel out from under Tommy's control.

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  • Description

    Michael Chambers returns home to celebrate his mother's marriage. Michael had been ousted from his home town due to his gambling indiscretions and had left his wife to deal with the mess he created. He now must reassimilate back into the town, renew his relationships with his family and friends (and enemies) and, most of all, seek out his ex-wife to woo her again. In the process, he obtains a job working with his mother's new husband as an armored car driver. He almost seems the perfect prodigal son as he finds his niche back in the community and his way back into his ex's heart. His troubles surmount when he and his wife are caught in the act by her hoodlum boyfriend/fiancé. To get out of this predicament, Michael must concoct a plan to heist of a payroll being carried by his armored car company.

    The Underneath (1995) download

    The Underneath (1995) download

    The Underneath (1995) download

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    One of Steven Soderbergh's early films, a bit too slow of a burn neo-noir, character study that features some fine performances by Peter Gallagher and Alison Elliott. Wasn't completely enamored with the movie but the last 30-minutes were okay and you could see Soderbergh's style coming into fruition that he would utilize a few years later with Traffic, which still remains my personal favorite from him. **3.0/5**


    2 months ago

    Not really noir, as it is in color, so we can call it neo noir and be done with that.Michael (Peter Gallagher), the prodigal son, returns home for his mom's wedding after being exiled for some past trouble. The flashbacks throughout the movie show us what happened, but it really doesn't matter.What matters is the fact that he takes up again with his old flame, Rachel (Alison Elliott), who is now married to a local hood (William Fichtner), a fact she neglected to tell him.To get out of trouble with the hood, he agrees to do an armored car robbery. His own brother (Adam Trese) suspects him.One of director Steven Soderbergh's early works, it will not blow you away, but it will entertain you. I suspect the ending will leave you furious.

    2 months ago

    I saw this film as a part of a school course on film appreciation, focusing mostly on film-noir. It built slowly with a fascinating story, and honestly I was intrigued by many of the sequences especially the scene where the main character watches the football game and the rendezvous under the bridge. I was also interested in all of the supporting characters like elizabeth shue's role and the smarmy brother. The action toward the end built up to a climax that would bring it all together. And, the most I could say for the climax was that it did. But it also spiraled into a conventional, predictable, and altogether disappointing ending. I walked away unhappy with the whole experience. This was the first time I was disappointed with Soderbergh's work, so for a more satisfying experience, in a similar genre, see The Limey.

    2 months ago

    A complex character study with a twisty-turny plot and more double-crosses than one can comfortably shake a stick at, "The Underneath" is definitely one of Steven Soderbergh's more complex films. He pulls out all the stops, using split lenses (particularly during one bravura dinner sequence), different color film stocks, imaginative framing devices -- you name it. Sure, one might complain that the result is cold and calculating, but I'm not that one.Fans of Soderbergh's "Schizopolis" will recognize Mike Malone (T. Azimuth Schwitters) as the guy who attempts to hit on Allison Elliott in the club and is rebuffed, and David Jensen (Elmo Oxygen) as the satellite dish installer. ("Just don't stand in front of it.") And Joe Chrest -- so memorable as Ben the bellhop in "King of the Hill" -- is great as the mysterious Mr. Rodman.


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