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  • The Salesman (Iran 2016) 1080p H.264 Farsi-Italian moviesbyrizzo
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The Salesman (2016)

  • Drama Thriller
  • Forced out of their apartment due to dangerous works on a neighboring building, Emad and Rana move into a new flat in the center of Tehran. An incident linked to the previous tenant will dramatically change the young couple’s life.





    4.2GB 1080p version - we are as well posting a 2.2GB 720p version of this Farsi-Italian
    movie simultaneously in just a moment

    1920 X 1036 res H.264 video @4000k video bitrate

    448k 6ch Dolby AC3 Farsi audio track 1

    384k 6ch Dolby AC3 Italian audio track 2

    By the way, the 2GB FOXM upload version of this movie stated "English audio" when

    we tried it for a download, but found out it only contained French audio - no English

    and no Farsi. Dunno if an English audio dub was ever made for this movie - would be nice
    too perhaps

    subs in English (moviesbyrizzo supplied) and Italian - please heck the net this time around
    for other languages too. When checking at sites like opensubtitles.org, check under
    "Forushande" rather than "The Salesman 2016" as there is a different movie by the same
    name in that same year appearing instead when you do a search that way.
    https://www.opensubtitles.org/en/search/sublanguageid-all/idmovie-482384 thanks Michael

    This is an Oscar Winner for best (foreign) picture that deserved its win, I did see it at a theater here in Toronto Canada when it was
    first released. A crime fiction story, which shows off Iranian culture in its better lighter moments especially in this movie.

    Written and Directed by Mr. Ashgar Farhadi, it stars Shahab Hosseini and Taraneh Alidoosti who carry their roles

    extremely well I think. Also brilliantly performed is the role of the accused attacker in what is a brutal crime against a
    defenceless woman as scripted. In this respect its awful to see a movie that shows too much carnage which is unnecessary

    to see such as the wounds inflicted on the character played by actress Taraneh Alidoosti.

    I can only repeat what I've said in the past, there is much human beauty to see in these beautiful and lovely

    folks of that region, great spirit in men, and loving women who are real to them i find unreservedly with merit

    on both sides I find.

    The acting of the two main actors towards the end when the Husband of the victim confronts the supposed

    attacker is astoundingly beautiful in what we see of the human spirit as they are incredibly aware of how

    cruel it would be to do such a thing to a woman in this humanly cognizant culture in particular as to attack her
    in the shower for reasons of lust alone to begin with, and then a crazed brutal cruel and barbaric use of a
    weapon to cause harm in what seems like a murder attempt to cover up the initial crime. I personally found
    the man too sensitive and humanly presenting to be in real life in any way possibly guilty of such a cruel
    misdeed, but then this is the stuff of crime novels, stretching the imagination for reasons of merit perhaps,
    in that after all it might just be possible that such a man could be guilty, and so en guarde as they say, but
    with some sanity please for the sake of the genuinely supremely nice folk there in my own experience equally
    I daresay.

    Thanks for seeding

    Michael Rizzo Chessman


    More at ibit.to
    And ibit.uno
    And ibit.am
    And ibit.ws


    **When the realistic right and an emotional wrong collides.** This is one of the last films I watched as I cleared almost all the titles of this year's Oscars. It is a French-Iranian co-production, but selected and won the Academy Awards for Iran. From the well know filmmaker of that region whose film had already won the same award in the not so past. I'm not just addicted to Hollywood. I'm a film fanatic because I give equal preference to films of the whole world. So I have seen as many as this year's submission for the Oscars in the category of the Foreign Language Films. And there are lots better films than this, that even did not make into the final five. From my perspective, this is an okay film, even comparing with the rest of the fellow nominees, including that I thought that would win, 'Under Sandet'. The mess is all because of Trump effect, as same reason 'Moonlight' to win the main trophy. At least it was not an average film like 'A Separation', though not a masterpiece like 'The Past' that did not even nominated for the Oscars. It stands between them. The title name is not exactly relevant to the story. But it helped to extend the plot for an extra 20-30 minutes. An unnecessary subplot, which really were the boring parts. Or you can say, just to attract the western audience with their ingredient and that worked out as planned for the filmmakers. Except those theatre portions, the rest of the film and its storyline looked like I was watching a French thriller. It is about a young couple who are forced to relocate to another house after their apartment building was declared not safe anymore for some kind of construction taking place in the nieghbourhood which is affecting it. The man is managing his job at a school as a teacher and the remaining time as a theatre artist along with his wife. The life was as usual, till one day something bad happens to his wife at home in his absence. Now he's raged to find the culprit, but once if he did what happens and how the story ends was the another twist. > ❝It's obvious you're not the one who found your wife the other day, otherwise you wouldn't say that.❞ It was a very slow start. I mean the opening scene was like racy. And then following, it slowed to build the momentum. That does not mean the characters were developed so well. It only moves forward with constructing what are all needed for later parts. Once it enters the third act, the scenario changes. It looked like another film, another genre. Too tense moment and tight plot for the grand finale. Yep, that is the part makes this film to forget everything you saw in the earlier. Whatever happened in that part, I felt it was right, though I think culturally it differs the outcome. I mean, that's not philosophically the Iran we know or the religion they worship. You can say the western films badly portrayed them in their films, but if you look at their history, the film ending was shocking. So I thought, the end chaos was for among themselves. If the outsiders (westerners) were involved, it would have been a differently dealt. Very good performances. But not perfectly written screenplay as I pointed out a few things in the earlier paragraphs. And another thing was, the character, particularly the mysterious one, I was not satisfied how it had been developed. He enters the frame only at the last moment. The narration was very suspense and a bit thriller, but then all the sudden everything comes crumbling down since the end was very near to cease the procession. My point is, how that X man was netted does not make sense in reality. Being a film, it has no problem at all. So, it was a good film, but not as good as it was praised or won the Oscars. Yeah, definitely worth a watch. The setting was very good, except the ending, as the opinion differs from people to people and the amount of damage on how to deal with such situation. Overall, a little good message at the end, but not exactly a moral message as it brings more destruction towards the GOOD over the BAD which always win with a strong sentimental grip, no matter whoever involved in it. _6.5/10_



    The Salesman (Iran - 2016) 1080p H.264 Farsi-Italian (moviesbyrizzo)/The Salesman (Iran - 2016) 1080p H.264 Farsi-Italian (moviesbyrizzo).mp4 4.2 GB
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    Italian subtitles/The Salesman (Iran - 2016) 1080p H.264 Farsi-Italian (moviesbyrizzo).srt 89 kB
    Italian subtitles - CC/The Salesman (Iran - 2016) 1080p H.264 Farsi-Italian (moviesbyrizzo).srt 106 kB


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