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The Possession of Hannah Grace (2018)

  • Horror Mystery Thriller Drama
  • When a cop who is just out of rehab takes the graveyard shift in a city hospital morgue, she faces a series of bizarre, violent events caused by an evil entity in one of the corpses.

  • $7,700,000
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    With so many movies today about exorcisms, I was expecting just another copy of those movies, but on my surprise, this movie was different and well shot, quite scary. Atmosphere was good, makeup was done brilliant and almost everything in short was great, but there were few mistakes in some scenes that were too unrealistic and basically mistakes. For example: When Megan shows Lisa the footage of camera where corpse is clearly visible in the corridor, Lisa says that it's just a shadow? Seriously? Shadow of what? How in the center of something there can be shadow of nothing? And then Lisa notices the medicine Xanax and starts giving Megan a hard time and lectures about using Xanax completely ignoring the footage and fact that something unusual, some figure is spotted in the camera. This scene was very unrealistic and in real scenario any sane person would pay attention to that footage instead of stupid Xanax. Second mistake was when Megan tells Randy about wound of corpse and Randy also recalls that corpse had a huge wound and now it's gone and instead of being shocked and curious how it happened guy starts talking about his past life that he had problems with drinking... I understand that horror genre is unrealistic itself, but those scenes were too much and lacked the common sense. And lastly, the opening scene, well while it didn't have such big mistakes as those two scenes, I think it wasn't necessary and it looked like typical those copy exorcist movies I mentioned at the start. If movie didn't have those mistakes, I would give it 10.



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