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  • The Mentalist Season 1 DVDRip x264 by RiddlerA
  • 2.7 GB
  • RiddlerA
  • Mentalist Season DVDRip x264 RiddlerA
  • English
  • DVD

The Mentalist: Season 1(2008)

  • 1
  • Mystery Drama
  • Patrick Jane is a celebrity psychic whose wife and child are viciously murdered by an elusive serial killer called Red John. Devastated, Patrick admits his paranormal act is fake, renounces his earlier life and uses his astonishing skills of observation and analysis - talents that made him appear psychically gifted - to bring killers to justice. At crime scenes across California, Patrick now helps an elite team of detectives break their toughest cases. But no matter how many criminals he catches, Patrick never forgets his central goal: Find Red John. And bring him down.



    The Mentalist Season 1 DVDRip x264


    Small Size Excellent Quality


    Release Notes:

    [FORMAT]:…………………..[ Matroska

    [iMDB RATING ]………………[ -

    [GENRE]:……………………[ Crime | Drama | Mystery | Thriller

    [FILE SIZE]:………………..[ 125 MB

    [NO OF CDs]:………………..[ 23

    [RESOLUTION]:……………….[ 624x352

    [ASPECT RATIO]:…………….. 16:9

    [Video Bitrate:……………. 350 kbps
    [FRAME RATE]:……………….[ 23.976 fps

    [LANGUAGE ]:………………..[ English

    [SUBTITLES]:………………..[ English
    [ORIGINAL RUNTIME]:………….[ 40 min

    Use K lite Codec or Combined Codec Pack in case of any problem in opening the file

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    7 years ago

    Great copy small files and subtitles, great set works well. Thanks

    6 years ago

    the show isn't bad..video:8 audio:7 pretty good download for just 2.70 GB

    9 years ago

    hey dude!! when will the LOTR torrent be Uploaded..??

    9 years ago

    yeah LOTR & matrix trilogy..... when u can upload these.....plz answer.... thankx for u's hard work.......

    9 years ago

    plz add " A History of Violence " to u'rs list

    9 years ago

    thanks man..!! will be waiting for it!

    9 years ago



    9 years ago


    9 years ago

    thanks please can you upload Alice in wounderland without useing X3 player to watching it i dowenloaded this movie two times but i cant see it because i dont have x3player

    9 years ago

    its ok man..... i'am waiting for u'r rips......

    9 years ago

    how can this be a dvd rip when it has the TV14LV logo top left and a CDS watermark looking like an eye bottom right?

    Nice quality yes, subs yes

    only gripe is the apparent mislabling of the torrent

    9 years ago

    Thanks mate! What other tv show you have in plans?

    9 years ago

    Thanks for the quick response, i will be waiting for some of them. Keep up the good work!

    9 years ago

    thanks bhai.Please keep seeding.

    8 years ago

    For the love of god, stop asking things from an uploader in an uploaded torrent!

    Give feedback of the quality. RiddlerA Season 2 was a nice upload! I am looking forward to say it from this season aswell :)

    8 years ago

    seed pls..

    7 years ago

    It seems like someone may have stolen your torrent?

    The exact same files, with the exact same size, just uploaded later

    6 years ago


    Awesome.... 2.7gb only with right codec.

    Go for this and not those 350mb episodes

    6 years ago

    Other Seasons...

    By 20-40

    6 years ago

    Want other Seasons... here you go... Stop worring. .. Right torrents are alread there...

    Keep Seeding !!!

    6 years ago

    Thanks a lot RiddlerA!!! Love ur work!! Keep it up!!!

    2 years ago

    please seed!!!!


    The Mentalist - [1x00] - Sample.mkv 4.0 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x01] - Pilot.mkv 125 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x01] - Pilot.srt 48 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x02] - Red Hair and Silver Tape.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x02] - Red Hair and Silver Tape.srt 52 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x03] - Red Tide.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x03] - Red Tide.srt 50 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x04] - Ladies in Red.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x04] - Ladies in Red.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x05] - Redwood.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x05] - Redwood.srt 53 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x06] - Red Handed.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x06] - Red Handed.srt 53 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x07] - Seeing Red.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x07] - Seeing Red.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x08] - The Thin Red Line.avi 116 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x08] - The Thin Red Line.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x09] - Flame Red.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x09] - Flame Red.srt 53 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x10] - Red Brick and Ivy.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x10] - Red Brick and Ivy.srt 57 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x11] - Red John's Friends.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x11] - Red John's Friends.srt 55 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x12] - Red Rum.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x12] - Red Rum.srt 51 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x13] - Paint It Red.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x13] - Paint It Red.srt 54 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x14] - Crimson Casanova.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x14] - Crimson Casanova.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x15] - Scarlett Fever.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x15] - Scarlett Fever.srt 59 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x16] - Bloodshot.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x16] - Bloodshot.srt 55 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x17] - Carnelian Inc.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x17] - Carnelian Inc.srt 60 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x18] - Russet Potatoes.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x18] - Russet Potatoes.srt 62 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x19] - A Dozen Red Roses.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x19] - A Dozen Red Roses.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x20] - Red Sauce.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x20] - Red Sauce.srt 61 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x21] - Miss Red.mkv 119 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x21] - Miss Red.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x22] - Blood Brothers.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x22] - Blood Brothers.srt 56 kB
    The Mentalist - [1x23] - Red John's Footsteps.mkv 120 MB
    The Mentalist - [1x23] - Red John's Footsteps.srt 51 kB


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