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The Man in the High Castle: Now More Than Ever, We Care About You(2018)

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  • Drama Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Juliana Crain makes a new acquaintance in the Neutral Zone - an Irish fixer named Wyatt - and soon finds herself on the run and seeking Tagomi's aid. The Japanese test an atomic bomb. Joe Blake is sent on a diplomatic mission to San Francisco. Kido hires a new sergeant. Nicole Dormer arrives in New York to head a new propaganda campaign. The Smiths struggle with the aftermath of Thomas' death.



    In a dystopian America dominated by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan| a young woman discovers a mysterious film that may hold the key to toppling the totalitarianregimes.





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    How appellant the idea of a multiverse where the wavefunction collapse doesn't turn realities unreachable from the other quantum fluctuation results, in brief terms, referring to the "Many Worlds Theory" or the different view of Laura Mersini-Houghton. So the gods want, personna dream. As if the kraft happens, the series goes beyond the original work, admiringly well. The details, scenarios, characters. As a youngster I read mostly the twisted Philip K. Dick stories, those with bugs... Who knows how many, forty years ago? Not me.Heinlein or Le Guin, The Stars My Destination, the Heechee saga, Dorsai, even "old style space operas" by EE Doc Smith, Clifford Simak, to name a few, seemed to leave a clearer picture than Philip K. Dick which one must reread here and then considering the number of superb cinema and TV "Adaptations", too much to refer or choose one as "the best". Not a fan of dystopian literature or ordinary TV series. But nothing of ordinary is here at play and there are Utopian undeniable traces. Art, decadence, suffering and resilience, life at its fullest. Love, and the hero within each child to crown the cake. This work of distinguished direction, production, excellent acting and good pace, constitutes a good ensemble, rising the level and not defrauding our founded expectations. For personal reasons I usually expect the conclusion or at least two sequences and then let some distance from trailers, critics. Tasted it at a given opportunity. Better late than sorrow. It was a pleasure to follow, in a row, three seasons of The Man in the High Castle. Congratulations to the crew. Honored, with a bow.


    9 months ago

    Whaaaaat ? I wasn't expecting this, thank you so much !


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