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The Last Man on Earth: Hamilton/Berg(2018)

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  • Drama Comedy
  • After the graveyard incident, Tandy and Todd try to convince the rest of the gang that something is majorly wrong with Karl and something needs to be done. Meanwhile, Jasper is still missing.



    Almost two years after a virus wiped out most of the human race| Phil Miller only wishes for some company| but soon gets more than he bargained for when that companyshows up in the form of other survivors.





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    Contains spoilers of the first season. The series starts off really well by introducing the character, his psychological state, and the world he is now in. With too much free time, no real ambition and left to his own devices, time is spent running out of ideas to kill his boredom. All of that changes when he meets the first woman that survived whatever happened. Then he meets another and suddenly another man pops up, and new people keep coming. That's where I had to stop watching. The incessant drama and insecurity of the main character adding to the complete lunacy of all the others just destroys the series. The writers ran out of ideas and practically turned this into a reality show. All the potential was wasted and hopefully the show will be remade further down the line.



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