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The Halfway House (2004)

  • Comedy Horror
  • Young girls are disappearing in and around the Mary Magdalen Halfway House for Troubled Girls.



    Young girls are disappearing in and around the Mary Magdalen Halfway House for Troubled Girls. Desperate to find out what became of her sister, Larissa Morgan goes undercover to infiltrate the Catholic-run institution. Once inside, she encounters Father Fogerty, a priest with a passion for punishment; Sister Cecelia, a nun with a dark past plotting an even blacker future; Edwina and her love-toy Cherry Pie; tough Latino Angelina and her home girls and a sinister handyman named Lutkus. It's not long before she's caught up in a twisted web of sadism, violence, and wanton lust before finally learning the ultimate secret of the Halfway House. —Kenneth J. Hall

    The Halfway House (2004) download

    The Halfway House (2004) download

    The Halfway House (2004) download

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    6 months ago

    Look, you can talk all you want about your new movies that everyone on Film Twitter is gushing about and I'll just hide in my little corner of the web and discuss really aberrant dumb things like 2004's The Halfway House, a movie so dumb that it couldn't spell Mary Magdalene correctly and smart enough to place Mary Woronov in the central role of a nun who has turned away from God because she discovered the Elder Gods who lie waiting beyond the veil of time. Also: tentacle attacks.Young girls are disappearing in and around the Mary Magdalen - yeah, that's how they did it - Halfway House for Troubled Girls. Larissa Morgan goes undercover to infiltrate the Catholic-run institution and find her sister, but what she discovered is Woronov's Sister Cecelia presiding over a world of debauchery, like a quasi-women in prison movie mixed up with Lovecraft.Kenneth J. Hall has made creatures that've upset people for years, like the Critters, Ghoulies, the Bio-Monster in Biohazard, Carnosaur, the creatures in Willy's Wonderland and more. He also wrote Dr. Alien, Evil Spawn, Nightmare Sisters and directed Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout. So there you go - he has the sensibilities you're looking for when you want your mind and eyes tickled.Thirtysomething teenagers, sex scenes that border on the hard end of softcore, chainsaw mutilation, a priest that smacks offered behinds while yelling "The power of Christ compels you!" and so much nudity that the term gratuitous becomes challenged.If church was this much fun, more people would go.

    6 months ago

    Larissa(Janet Tracy Keijser, who has a smokin' body)is looking for her missing sister who went out jogging one day and got fed to something in a basement thanks to a demented handyman who kidnapped her. She calls on Sgt. Dick Sheen(Shawn Savage)to assist her in going undercover within a Catholic half way house for troubled girls ran with an iron fist by evil nun, Sister Cecelia(Mary Woronov). Father Fogerty(Joseph Tatner)loves to paddle his girls who misbehave while Larissa(who is snooping for possible leads regarding not only her own missing sister but other girls as well)finds porno mags and a sex doll in his office cabinet. She also helps out a quiet, sad lesbian, "Cherry Pie" Polowski(Stephanie Leighs)who lost her tough sista lover to the same monster that ate Larissa's sister, who gets picked on by a group of nasty girls who blame her for losing privileges. Through some sources, Dick finds out that Sister Cecilia was gang-raped and sought help in a mental health facility. Also, Cecilia went to Miskatonic University and working there was none other than the handyman, Lutkus(Cleve Hall)who now is employed at the half way house, often peeping at the girls taking showers. Once they left Miskatonic, a rare book from the university library disappeared..the book of mystic spells, THE NECRONOMICON. Thanks to the book, Cecilia has summoned a demon monster she's feeding the missing girls to for preparation of destroying the male race. Cecilia also plans to to have a child with the monster! Thanks to her sicko handyman who rounds her up meat for the monster, Cecilia's plan seems to be about finalized, will Larissa be able to stop her before it's too late? Sordid, sacrilegious, perverse..this flick is perfect for the Midnight Movie Crowd. The flick pokes fun with Catholicism as much as it can and serves up lots of female nudity and sexual situations. Hinted at in dialogue and off-screen action, Larissa and Cherry Pie have a growing lesbian relationship brewing..we just don't get welcomed to it because this little development isn't visible to us. The monster is crap, but I think it's looking extremely fake was intentional. The film isn't nothing to write home about, but Woronov is as fun as always in an unusual part. There's no budget to speak of, so the flick shows as much lurid antics as possible. The female cast are uninhibited which might appeal to fans of 80's slashers before the pop, WB PG-13 era of horror flicks began to rise up taking center stage in the late 90's and on.

    6 months ago

    The Halfway House starts with Annie Morgan (Ashley Fires) getting kidnapped as she goes about her business, if that wasn't bad enough her kidnapper ties her to some sort of sacrificial alter before ripping her clothes off & letting some demonic creature eat her, I guess it just wasn't her day. Annie's sister Larissa (Janet Tracy Keijser) becomes worried about her & goes to the police, Sergeant Dick Sheen (Shawn Savage) fees there is a connection between Annie's mysterious disappearance & reports of several other young women going missing from the 'Mary Magdalan halfway house for troubled girls' situated in the same area where Annie was last seen but can't convince his boss Inspector Hinds (Michael Gaglio) so Larissa volunteers to go undercover unofficially in an attempt to try & find her sister, simple eh? It's not long before she unearths sinister secrets at the halfway house...Co-executive produced, written & directed by Kenneth J. Hall I thought The Halfway House was total complete & utter crap, it's as simple & straight forward as that. I'm actually quite surprised by the number of semi positive comments this piece of dung has, I simply can't see one ounce of entertainment value within it's turgid 90 odd minute duration. The script feels like an exploitative WIP (women in prison) film with a touch of a 50's monster film thrown in there for good measure, the problem is it's never really that sleazy, the females are rather unattractive & the monster appears for all of 4 minutes. I also had the feeling that the girls could just leave whenever they wanted, I mean there were only three people who worked there & they weren't under arrest so why couldn't they just walk out the front door? The way these women talk you'd think they were banged up in Colditz! The character's are awful, there's a perverted priest, the 'tough' female hero, the cop, the butch lesbian & her gang a well as a few faceless cardboard cutout victims & there isn't even any funny dialogue in it either. I'm sorry but this is just terrible, it's not explicit enough to please anyone looking for sex & it's not scary enough for anyone looking for chills so why exactly does this film exist? Answers on a postcard please...Director Hall was obviously working on a low budget but I still don't think that's an excuse for turning in such a crap film. Ther are no scares, there's no tension, there's no laugh value while the sex & nudity is brief, tame & very forgettable. Even the obligatory shower scene is a letdown as it features lots of not very attractive women who could do with losing a few pounds... Gore wise there's a decapitation, someone has their hand chopped off with a pair of garden shears & someone is impaled with a machete, nothing to get excited about really.Technically the film is probably as good as it could have been but it's still a very cheap looking little film that has nothing going for it. The monster looks awful & the room it comes out of must have some sort of fog machine in it as it seems to come out in a huge cloud of smoke for no apparent reason other than to hide it's body... The acting isn't so hot, sorry.The Halfway House is just another totally forgettable, dull rubbishy no budget straight-to-video horror film that fails to inspire or impress in any way. Definitely not recommended.


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