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The Grand Tour: Oh, Canada(2018)

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  • Documentary
  • Jeremy, Richard and James reluctantly agree to test three SUVs in the rugged landscapes of Canada – Jeremy in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Quadrifoglio, Richard in the Porsche Macan Turbo Performance Pack and James in the Range Rover Velar. The boys will test their cars' sporting side at a race track and their utilitarian side with some enormous dogs, before ending in an epic race across the snowy mountains. Jeremy embarks on a legally perilous test of the Tesla Model X. This will mark the first time he's driven a Tesla on-screen since the controversial Roadster review in 2008. Celebrity Face Off finds the world's fastest golf enthusiast as Rory McIlroy takes on Paris Hilton.



    Follow Jeremy| Richard| and James| as they embark on an adventure across the globe. Driving new and exciting automobiles from manufacturers all over the world.



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    Release Date : 2018-02-08

    URL          : https://www.tvmaze.com/shows/17078/the-grand-tour

    Duration     : 1h 7mn 9s

    Video        : Untouched H264

    Resolution   : 1280x720 / 1.778:1

    Frame Rate   : 25.000 fps

    Audio        : E-AC-3 640 Kbps 6ch / 48 KHz

    Language     : English

    Subtitles    : English, English (SDH), Danish, Finnish, German, French,

    Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Spanish

    (Latin American), Swedish

    Size         : 2,234.195 MB (2,342,722,815 bytes)

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    The Grand Tour was unveiled with great fanfare and I found much of it very enjoyable, but unfortunately, the longer it goes on the more puerile and downright silly it's become. We know it's never really been about the cars, but now the cars are almost forgotten, having been replaced by the lads' egos. Season 4 on boats in Cambodia is cringeworthy and I'll have to pinch myself to watch it all the way through. Maybe the chemistry has gone from the trio because it's just not fun anymore.


    2 years ago

    The video quality is excellent.

    2 years ago


    2 years ago

    It used to be an information prog, which car should i buy, or which car would i buy if i had enough money, but now It has degenerated into slapstick comedy of the worst variety, this was the last time i watch this sh!t.

    anonymous 2 years ago

    You're totally missing the point of The Grand Tour and Top Gear was never really about being informative, at least not for the past 10 years ... lol.  It's still entertaining if you try not to take it so seriously.

    anonymous 2 years ago

    Did you never watch Top Gear?


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