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John G Fuller: The Ghost of Flight 401

RARE - I had such a hard time to find it, so I purchased the book.



It takes more than whimsy for a giant airline to ground a multimillion-dollar jumbo jet. What the renowned investigative writer John Fuller stumbled upon was a jet-age ghost story – crews wouldn’t fly the plane because of the reappearing apparitions of a dead pilot and flight engineer from a crashed sister ship. It was the famed Lockheed Tristar; the first jumbo jet ever to crash, in the Florida Everglades, with the loss of 101 persons.

In his investigation into this amazing story, John G. Fuller is led inexorably not only to repeated eyewitness experiences of the dead men’s reappearances before flight crews, but also to his own personal conviction of a spiritual immortality, of life after death.

Fuller’s book is a true-life suspense thriller. After a classic reconstruction of the mysterious crash itself, Fuller interviews scores of airlines flight personnel and explores every facet of every “ghost” report. A rigorous skeptic who has always written with professional thoroughness on both scientific subjects and subjects on the frontiers of life, Fuller uncovers startling evidence of contact with the spirit of the dead flight engineer Don Repo. It is a spine-tingling, persuasive account with implications of spiritual realities that are of increasing interest in today’s world of ever more extraordinary scientific breakthroughs.

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5 years ago

Hey thanks. Much appreciated!

3 years ago

Thanks for this, I just watched the movie, amazing story. Cheers!


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