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The Escape Artist (1982)

  • Drama Mystery Thriller
  • The young and self-confident Danny blufs at the local police-station that he will escape out of prison within one hour. What follows is a flashback about his childhood with his uncle and aunt, which are 'vaudeville'-artists themselves.



    Teenager Danny Masters, the son of the late Harry Masters, considered the second best escape artist in history, wants to follow in his father's footsteps, he already a skilled but untested magician. As far as Danny knows, his father died in a dangerous escape routine. Escaping from under his grandmother's roof, Danny, in a step to achieve his goal as they have all his father's old professional paraphernalia, reunites with his Aunt Sibyl and Uncle Burke in the town of Harding where they have a mind-reading act, she who actually can read minds but which only impinges on the smoke and mirrors they've developed with the act itself. In his wanderings around Harding, Danny gets involved with corrupt Stu Quiñones, and indirectly with Stu's equally corrupt father, the town's mayor, Leon Quiñones. This father/son pair no longer associate with each other as although Stu aspires to be as corrupt as his father, Stu's activities are a little too brazen and public for a politician with which to ...

    The Escape Artist (1982) download

    The Escape Artist (1982) download

    The Escape Artist (1982) download

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    6 days ago

    It's a great kid's film, I saw it as an early teen and it really got me interested in magic. The main character gets away with so much because of his skills but it was all within the realms of plausibility if you've got a bit of bottle and enough books on magic and safe cracking etc. Griffin O'Neal is really expressive and natural in his role. Even though what he gets up to is pretty wild you believe that this kid is amazing enough to pull it off.

    6 days ago

    A whimsical bittersweet tale with quirky characters, charming moments and which is quite enchanting as a whole. Griffin O'Neal (Ryan's son) as the young lead character showed great promise in this film. Raul Julia is at his most vibrant as the spoiled son of a mayor (played by Desi Arnaz!) who befriends O'Neal's character. This film is HIGHLY under-rated and desperately needs to be remastered and reissued on video.

    6 days ago

    This is a truly wonderful movie experience. The magical score adds to the atmosphere perfectly. It is beautifully photographed by Stephen H Burum and perfectly directed by Caleb Deschanel. The central performance by Griffin O'Neil is very watchable as is a great support cast which includes Elizabeth Daly and the late great Raul Julia. This is THE movie that made me want to make movies. The haunting final shot combined with the beautiful music has stayed with me for years.


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