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The Bridge: Episode 1(2011)

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  • Crime Mystery
  • The chair of the Malmo city council is found dead right on the Danish-Swedish border on the Øresund bridge between Copenhagen and Malmo - the corpse cut in half at the waistline. Detective Saga Norén of Malmo CID is applied to the case and soon learns that the lower half of the corpse belongs to a yet unknown Danish woman. She is forced to team up with her Danish colleague Martin Rohde, who is slightly irritated by her unusual manners. At the same time, Göran Söringer is brought to Copenhagen's Rigshospitalet to receive a heart transplant.




    Set on the border between El Paso and Juarez, The Bridge centers on two detectives, one from the United States and one from Mexico, who must work together to hunt down a serial killer operating on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border. Executive Producers Meredith Stiehm (Homeland) and novelist and television writer/producer Elwood Reid adapted The Bridge for American television from the international hit series Bron, which was set on the border of Denmark and Sweden.

    In The Bridge, Demián Bichir stars in the role of “Marco Ruiz,” a homicide investigator for the state of Chihuahua, Mexico living in Ciudad Juárez. A family man, Marco is one of the last good men in a corrupt and apathetic police force that is outgunned by the powerful drug cartels. He’s sharp, charming, and observant and painfully aware that his city is in a state of chaos. When a body is dumped on the bridge that spans the El Paso-Ciudad Juárez border, Ruiz is forced to work with his American counterpart, “Detective Sonya Cross.”Diane Kruger stars as “Detective Sonya Cross,” a dogged cop who has an undiagnosed disorder that falls on the autism spectrum. Cross is shockingly candid and calls the world as she sees it, which can be off-putting to her colleagues, but she is also extremely effective at her job.

    Ted Levine plays “Lieutenant Hank Wade,” a member of Detective Cross’s team at the El Paso Police Department who is a veteran cop with a weathered, cowboy swagger. He is not surprised by anything that human beings will do to one another, but he’s utterly baffled by the office coffeemaker. Hank knows that Sonya communication skills are challenged, and repeatedly has to advise her how to work more diplomatically with others. Annabeth Gish plays “Charlotte Millwright,” a wealthy ranch wife suddenly widowed when her older husband Karl suffers a massive heart attack while on the Mexican side of the border. A sheltered woman with a ranch to run, Charlotte quickly learns that her late husband has many shocking secrets. Thomas M. Wright plays “Steven Linder,” a wolf of a man who is no stranger to the dark and jumbled chaos of Juárez.

    Matthew Lillard plays “Daniel Frye,” a cocky reporter with the El Paso Times whose hard partying ways have taken a toll on his once promising journalism career.



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