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  • The Beatles - 1964 - USA Tour - Eye of the Hurricane - 2x DVD5
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The Beatles - Live In Washington DC (1964)

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    Here is an excellent bootleg with a compilation of all 1964 Beatles USA footage.

    Please enjoy, share with friends (for FREE!!!) and please seed :)

    I use fast servers but also need your help, there's too much downloaders to handle.

    Stuff like this needs to be preserved for future generations of music lovers.

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    Label Picture Perfect - Catalogue No. PPDVD15-16 Release date 2006
    Total time 3 hours 27 min.56 sec. DVD 1 - 104:00 DVD 2 - 103:56
    Comments : This double DVD presents three and a half hours of footage from the promotional tour that turned four lads from Liverpool, quite literally, into the music phenomenon of the century. A comprehensive document with coverage from 24 American cities, this painstakingly researched and edited collection gives the viewer a new insight into the Beatlemania that gripped America in the summer of 1964. Highlights of this double DVD set include:
    # Rare 8mm colour footage from Kansas City, Los Angeles and Denver.
    # Colour 16mm concert footage from Chicago.
    # Previously unreleased concert footage from Las Vegas.
    # Previously unreleased arrival footage from San Francisco.
    # Previously unreleased footage from Vancouver, Canada.
    # Hollywood Bowl Concert: A completely re-edited/re-mastered version. Not only is the video quality greatly improved, but Picture Perfect have located many missing bits of footage to create the longest and best looking version to date.
    # Philadelphia Concert: Going back to the original tapes, there are now complete songs in place of previous song fragments.
    # Indiana Concert: Again, a completely re-edited/re-mastered version. Several sources have been combined to create a much longer version than previously seen. Now includes the full version of If I Fell.
    # WHK Cleveland Press Conference: Longer than previously seen. Taken from archival tape, not re-broadcast.
    # Forest Hills, New York: Previously unreleased footage surrounding Ringo's lost St. Christopher medal and its return. Paul is also seen in the footage.
    # U.S. Departure: Previously unseen outside interview and plane departure also includes raw footage from the return to Heathrow Airport.

    This two disc DVD has a double-sided glossy front cover with many interesting pictures, plus a separate glossy booklet with details of the chapters and more pictures.

    https://imgur.com/G4zTp16 <<< Artwork 1
    https://imgur.com/QWYAP9a <<< Artwork 2
    https://imgur.com/wrPCKQm <<< Artwork 3
    https://imgur.com/a/k2wQm <<< Copyright disclaimer: fair use policy

    More at ibit.to
    And ibit.uno
    And ibit.ws




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