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  • Terry Jacks - ...Starfish On The Beach (2015) (2CD) [Z3K]
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  • Terry Jacks Starfish Beach 2015 2CD Z3K
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Genre: Pop Rock
Year of publication: 2015
Publisher: Regenerator Records [REGEN1401CD]
Country : Canada
Format: FLAC (tracks+ .cue, log, covers)
Duration: 00: 54: 53 + 01: 02: 18


1. I'm Gonna Love You Too 2:40
2. Concrete Sea 2:22
3. Of Cities And Escapes 3:47
4. You Fool Me 3:10
5. A Good Thing Lost 2:03
6. Christina 3:43
7. Hey Country Girl 3:27
8. I'm Gonna Capture You [Early Chessmen demo] 2:05
9. Holly 2:10
10.Everyday 2:10
11.I'm So Lonely Here Today 2:25
12.Rock 'N' Roll (I Gave You All The Best Years Of My Life) 3:51
13.Where Evil Grows 2:48
14.Saginaw Michigan 3:08
15.If You Go Away 2:30
16.Greenback Dollar 2:31
17.The Feelings That We Lost 2:34
18.Me And You 1:33
19.Since You Broke My Heart 2:29
20.Seasons In The Sun 3:27

1. Voice Of America 4:33
2. You Keep Me Up 2:48
3. In My Father's Footsteps 3:40
4. Y 'Don't Fight The Sea 3:02
5. Rainy Eyes 3:17
6. Life With You (Was Oh So Easy) 3:20
7. Back Of A Map Of The Moon 3:31
8. I Wonder If She Might 3:18
9. Someone Must Have Jumped 3:03
10.'Cause We're In Love 2:22
11.The Whale Of Juan Perez Sound 3:11
12.Tough Guys Don't Dance 3:00
13.Until You're Down 2:51
14.Just Like That 2:51
15.Again And Again 2:37
16.Pumpkin Eater 2:45
17.Too Much Too Soon 2:54
18.Television 3:30
19.Ghosts In Your Mind 3:43
20.Put The Bone In 2:02

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Disc1/16 Terry Jacks Greenback Dollar.flac 10 MB
Disc1/01 Terry Jacks I'm Gonna' Love You Too.flac 18 MB
Disc2/15 Terry Jacks Again And Again.flac 16 MB
Disc2/07 Terry Jacks Back Of The Map Of The Moon.flac 26 MB
Artwork/Booklet 18-19.jpg 320 kB
Disc2/05 Terry Jacks Rainy Eyes.flac 19 MB
Disc2/06 Terry Jacks Life With You (Was Oh So Easy).flac 23 MB
Downloaded from thepiratebay.org.txt 48 B
Disc1/08 Terry Jacks (Early Chessmen Demo) I'm Gonna' Capture You.flac 13 MB
Disc1/07 Terry Jacks Hey Country Girl.flac 22 MB
Artwork/Booklet 8-9.jpg 363 kB
Disc1/04 Terry Jacks You Fool Me.flac 20 MB
Disc1/17 Terry Jacks The Feelings That We Lost.flac 18 MB
Artwork/Booklet 4-5.jpg 305 kB
Disc2/11 Terry Jacks The Whale Of Juan Perez Sound.flac 16 MB
Disc1/10 Terry Jacks Everyday.flac 16 MB
Artwork/Booklet 22-23.jpg 256 kB
Disc1/19 Terry Jacks Since You Broke My heart.flac 16 MB
Disc2/14 Terry Jacks Just Like That.flac 19 MB
Disc2/02 Terry Jacks You Keep Me Up.flac 18 MB
Artwork/Booklet 28-29.jpg 297 kB
Disc2/10 Terry Jacks (Alias The Hood) Cause We're In Love.flac 9.3 MB
Disc2/12 Terry Jacks Tough Guys Don't Dance.flac 20 MB
Artwork/Booklet 32+1.jpg 1.8 MB
Front.jpg 136 kB
Downloaded from torrentgalaxy.org.txt 213 B
Disc2/04 Terry Jacks Y'Don't Fight The Sea.flac 22 MB
Disc1/Starfish On The Beach Disc 1.cue 3.9 kB
Artwork/Tray.png 544 kB
Artwork/Booklet 24-25.jpg 334 kB
Disc1/18 Terry Jacks Me And You.flac 6.2 MB
Disc1/06 Terry Jacks Christina.flac 24 MB
Artwork/Booklet 20-21.jpg 345 kB
Artwork/Booklet 16-17.jpg 1.8 MB
Disc2/17 Terry Jacks Too Much Too Soon.flac 20 MB
Disc1/11 Terry Jacks I'm So Lonely Here Today.flac 15 MB
Artwork/Booklet 14-15.jpg 359 kB
Artwork/Front.jpg 706 kB
Disc1/02 Terry Jacks Concrete Sea.flac 17 MB
Artwork/Booklet 10-11.jpg 335 kB
Artwork/Booklet 2-3.jpg 224 kB
Disc1/15 Terry Jacks If You Go Away.flac 16 MB
Disc2/08 Terry Jacks I Wonder If She Might.flac 23 MB
Disc1/14 Terry Jacks Saginaw Michigan.flac 23 MB
Artwork/Booklet 12-13.jpg 313 kB
Disc1/05 The Poppy Family (Terry Jacks Lead Vocal) A Good Thing Lost.flac 16 MB
Artwork/Disc1.jpg 561 kB
Disc1/20 Terry Jacks Seasons In The Sun.flac 24 MB
Disc2/13 Terry Jacks Until You're Down.flac 20 MB
Disc1/13 The Poppy Family (Terry Jacks Lead Vocal) Where Evil Grows.flac 18 MB
Disc2/03 Terry Jacks In My Father's Footsteps.flac 24 MB
Artwork/Disc2.jpg 576 kB
Disc2/Starfish On The Beach Disc 2.cue 3.8 kB
Disc1/09 Terry Jacks Holly.flac 15 MB
Disc2/20 Terry Jacks Put The Bone In.flac 11 MB
Disc2/09 The Poppy Family (Terry Jacks Lead Vocal) Someone Must Have Jumped.flac 22 MB
Disc1/03 The Poppy Family (Terry Jacks Lead Vocal) Of Cities And Escapes.flac 27 MB
Disc2/16 Terry Jacks Pumpkin Eater.flac 20 MB
Disc1/12 Terry Jacks Rock 'N' Roll (I Gave You The Best Years Of My Life).flac 28 MB
Disc2/01 Terry Jacks Voice Of America.flac 27 MB
Downloaded from devil-torrents.pl.txt 48 B
Disc2/19 Terry Jacks Ghosts In Your Mind.flac 22 MB
Artwork/Booklet 30-31.jpg 2.0 MB
Artwork/Booklet 26-27.jpg 340 kB
Artwork/Booklet 6-7.jpg 299 kB
Disc2/18 Terry Jacks Television.flac 20 MB


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