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  • Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0[4K77]-DTOne
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  • Star Wars 4K77 2160p 35mm x265 DTOne
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This was originally posted by dahmage over at myspleen



Project 4K77 was originally released in the following four formats. This torrent is option 2.

1) Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.no-DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0

2) Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0

3) Star.Wars.4K77.1080p.no-DNR.35mm.x264-v1.0

4) Star.Wars.4K77.1080p.DNR.35mm.x264-v1.0

For more information, trailers, etc, please visit the project page

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Before and After screenshots No DNR are on on top.








Star Wars 40th Anniversary Edition

General Information

Type.................: Movie

Video Information

Video Format.........: H.265

Video Bitrate........: 89.4 Mbps (Avg)

Resolution...........: 3840 x 2160

Aspect Ratio.........: 2.35:1 (letterboxed to 16x9)

Size.................: 83.8 GB

Color................: 10 bit

FPS..................: 23.976

Sources..............: 2 x 35mm Technicolor Prints, the Spanish LPP 35mm,

some 35mm Eastman reels, 35mm 1997 Special Edition

& just a handful of frames from the Official Bluray.

Genre................: Science Fiction

Duration.............: 2h 2m (approx)

Audio Information

Track 01.............: 2.0 DTS-HD-MA (1977 35mm stereo mix - 2018 version) Eng

Track 02.............: 5.1 DTS-HD-MA (1977 70mm six track mix - 2018 version) Eng

Track 03.............: 1.0 DTS-HD-MA (1977 35mm mono mix) English

Track 04.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital German

Track 05.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital French

Track 06.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital Spanish (Castilian)

Track 07.............: 1.0 Dolby Digital Spanish (Latino)

Track 08.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital Italian

Track 09.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital Polish (1995 Voice Over)

Track 10.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital Czech (1992 Dub)

Track 11.............: 3.0 Dolby Digital (1993 laserdisc Audio Commentary - 2018)

Track 12.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital (Isolated Score - 2018 version)

Track 13.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital (Commentary For Visually Impaired) Eng

Track 14.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital 1993 Stereo Remix

Track 15.............: 2.0 Dolby Digital 1985 Stereo Remix

(Special thanks to hairy_hen and Schorman)

Subtitles Information

SUBTITLES can be found in SRT folder


English Brazilian Portuguese Persian/Farsi Swedish
English SDH European Portuguese Polish Bulgarian
Mandarin/Simplified German Thai Danish
Mandarin/Traditional Indonesian Ukrainian Hebrew
Cantonese Malay Romanian Finnish
American Spanish Japanese Dutch Norwegian
Castilian Spanish Italian Croatian Slovenian
French Korean Hungarian Estonian
Arabic Vietnamese Greek Icelandic

Russian Turkish Czech

All subtitles are from "Project Threepio v10.0"

Post Information

Posted to............: PRIVATE

Release Date.........: May 16th 2018

Release Notes

The goal of Project 4K77 is simply to create a version of the 1977 Pre-Special

Edition version of Star Wars that will look good on a 4K television or monitor.

Scanned, cleaned and rendered at 4K, the material is sourced primarily from two

original 35mm Technicolor prints, with additional material taken from the 35mm

Spanish LPP, a 4K scan of a 1997 Special Edition print, some Eastman reels, and

just a handful of frames from the Official Blu-Ray when missing frames could not

be sourced from anywhere else.

Versions of the project include 1080p and 4K renders with and without digital

noise reduction. These are titled as follows:





All material has been GOUT-synced, meaning it is compatible with muxing in

your favorite GOUT-synced audio and subtitles, if they aren't already included.

Plans for potential future updates:

  • A Blu-Ray ISO has been discussed for a more standard movie-watching experience

which will include a disc menu, alongside additional content and bonus


  • Since the dynamic range of the scanned film exceeds that of standard

televisions, there is potential for a future HDR release. The team is working

hard to produce an HDR version as our understanding of the encoding

requirements evolve - stay tuned.

None of these plans are guaranteed. This may be the only released version.

The included playlist should work with VLC Player, and play all the files in order.

UK Viewers would see the BBFC card at the beginning, while US viewers would see

the MPAA sign at the end. Here you get both by default, but you can edit the

playlist in any text editor to suit your needs...


This film is a restoration seeking to preserve an orphaned work of our cultural


We do not condone video piracy. Before watching this video you are expected to

own at least one official version of Star Wars as released by the studio.

Examples include VHS, Betamax, Laserdisc, CED, DVD or Bluray. If we could buy

this version of Star Wars on an official 4k bluray, we would do so. Today.

If you bought this version on eBay, you were scammed and should report the seller.

This material is intended for personal use only and the public exhibition, sale,

distribution or broadcast of this material is prohibited by law, until the

copyright expires. At which time the work enters the public domain. Until then

STAR WARS remains (c) 1977 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation.

All rights reserved. TM & c 1977 Lucasfilm Ltd.

May The Force Be With You

More at ibit.to
And ibit.uno
And ibit.am
And ibit.ws


1 year ago

Thank you, Sam.


00-Declassified.mkv 20 MB
00-Playlist.xspf 2.2 kB
01-4K77-Fanfare.mkv 56 MB
02-Notice.mkv 8.0 MB
03-TN1_LFL.mkv 49 MB
04-BBFC.mkv 52 MB
05-Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0.jpg 432 kB
05-Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0.mkv 48 GB
05-Star.Wars.4K77.2160p.UHD.DNR.35mm.x265-v1.0.nfo 8.9 kB
06-Bonus-PG-RATING-CARD-USA.mkv 26 MB
SRT/SW-ara-full-compat.srt 143 kB
SRT/SW-ara-full-rtl.srt 125 kB
SRT/SW-ara-full.srt 125 kB
SRT/SW-bul-full.srt 111 kB
SRT/SW-ces-full.srt 81 kB
SRT/SW-dan-full.srt 77 kB
SRT/SW-deu-full.srt 105 kB
SRT/SW-deu-native.srt 103 kB
SRT/SW-deu-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SRT/SW-ell-full.srt 134 kB
SRT/SW-eng-full.srt 103 kB
SRT/SW-eng-mono-native.srt 101 kB
SRT/SW-eng-mono-sdh-native.srt 108 kB
SRT/SW-eng-native.srt 101 kB
SRT/SW-eng-nocrawl.srt 102 kB
SRT/SW-eng-sdh-native.srt 107 kB
SRT/SW-eng-template.srt 102 kB
SRT/SW-eng-titles.srt 2.0 kB
SRT/SW-est-full.srt 88 kB
SRT/SW-fas-full-compat.srt 138 kB
SRT/SW-fas-full-rtl.srt 125 kB
SRT/SW-fas-full.srt 125 kB
SRT/SW-fin-full.srt 95 kB
SRT/SW-fra-alien-35mm.srt 867 B
SRT/SW-fra-full.srt 95 kB
SRT/SW-fra-native.srt 93 kB
SRT/SW-fra-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SRT/SW-heb-full-compat.srt 118 kB
SRT/SW-heb-full-rtl.srt 104 kB
SRT/SW-heb-full.srt 104 kB
SRT/SW-hin-titles.srt 1.7 kB
SRT/SW-hrv-full.srt 81 kB
SRT/SW-hun-full.srt 85 kB
SRT/SW-ind-full.srt 104 kB
SRT/SW-isl-full.srt 95 kB
SRT/SW-ita-alien-35mm.srt 949 B
SRT/SW-ita-full.srt 99 kB
SRT/SW-ita-native.srt 97 kB
SRT/SW-ita-titles.srt 2.2 kB
SRT/SW-jpn-full.srt 82 kB
SRT/SW-jpn-native.srt 81 kB
SRT/SW-jpn-titles.srt 1.4 kB
SRT/SW-kor-full.srt 88 kB
SRT/SW-msa-full.srt 101 kB
SRT/SW-nav-titles.srt 2.2 kB
SRT/SW-nld-full.srt 78 kB
SRT/SW-nor-full.srt 72 kB
SRT/SW-pol-full.srt 99 kB
SRT/SW-por-br-full.srt 97 kB
SRT/SW-por-pt-full.srt 94 kB
SRT/SW-ron-full.srt 102 kB
SRT/SW-rus-full.srt 136 kB
SRT/SW-slv-full.srt 90 kB
SRT/SW-spa-419-full.srt 99 kB
SRT/SW-spa-419-native.srt 97 kB
SRT/SW-spa-419-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SRT/SW-spa-es-full.srt 99 kB
SRT/SW-spa-es-native.srt 97 kB
SRT/SW-spa-es-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SRT/SW-swe-full.srt 76 kB
SRT/SW-tha-full.srt 146 kB
SRT/SW-tha-titles.srt 1.4 kB
SRT/SW-tur-full.srt 96 kB
SRT/SW-ukr-full.srt 132 kB
SRT/SW-vie-full.srt 117 kB
SRT/SW-zho-cmn-hans-full.srt 90 kB
SRT/SW-zho-cmn-hant-full.srt 91 kB
SRT/SW-zho-yue-full.srt 84 kB
SW-ara-full-compat.srt 143 kB
SW-ara-full-rtl.srt 125 kB
SW-ara-full.srt 125 kB
SW-bul-full.srt 111 kB
SW-ces-full.srt 81 kB
SW-dan-full.srt 77 kB
SW-deu-full.srt 105 kB
SW-deu-native.srt 103 kB
SW-deu-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SW-ell-full.srt 134 kB
SW-eng-full.srt 103 kB
SW-eng-mono-native.srt 101 kB
SW-eng-mono-sdh-native.srt 108 kB
SW-eng-native.srt 101 kB
SW-eng-nocrawl.srt 102 kB
SW-eng-sdh-native.srt 107 kB
SW-eng-template.srt 102 kB
SW-eng-titles.srt 2.0 kB
SW-est-full.srt 88 kB
SW-fas-full-compat.srt 138 kB
SW-fas-full-rtl.srt 125 kB
SW-fas-full.srt 125 kB
SW-fin-full.srt 95 kB
SW-fra-alien-35mm.srt 800 B
SW-fra-full.srt 95 kB
SW-fra-native.srt 93 kB
SW-fra-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SW-heb-full-compat.srt 118 kB
SW-heb-full-rtl.srt 104 kB
SW-heb-full.srt 104 kB
SW-hin-titles.srt 1.7 kB
SW-hrv-full.srt 81 kB
SW-hun-full.srt 85 kB
SW-ind-full.srt 104 kB
SW-isl-full.srt 95 kB
SW-ita-alien-35mm.srt 900 B
SW-ita-full.srt 99 kB
SW-ita-native.srt 97 kB
SW-ita-titles.srt 2.2 kB
SW-jpn-full.srt 82 kB
SW-jpn-native.srt 81 kB
SW-jpn-titles.srt 1.3 kB
SW-kor-full.srt 88 kB
SW-msa-full.srt 101 kB
SW-nav-titles.srt 2.2 kB
SW-nld-full.srt 78 kB
SW-nor-full.srt 72 kB
SW-pol-full.srt 99 kB
SW-por-br-full.srt 97 kB
SW-por-pt-full.srt 94 kB
SW-ron-full.srt 101 kB
SW-rus-full.srt 136 kB
SW-slv-full.srt 90 kB
SW-spa-419-full.srt 99 kB
SW-spa-419-native.srt 97 kB
SW-spa-419-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SW-spa-es-full.srt 99 kB
SW-spa-es-native.srt 97 kB
SW-spa-es-titles.srt 2.3 kB
SW-swe-full.srt 76 kB
SW-tha-full.srt 146 kB
SW-tha-titles.srt 1.4 kB
SW-tur-full.srt 96 kB
SW-ukr-full.srt 132 kB
SW-vie-full.srt 117 kB
SW-zho-cmn-hans-full.srt 90 kB
SW-zho-cmn-hant-full.srt 91 kB
SW-zho-yue-full.srt 84 kB


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