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Solace (2015)

  • Thriller Crime Mystery
  • A psychic doctor, John Clancy, works with an FBI special agent in search of a serial killer.



    Imdb Link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1291570

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    	Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller			
    	Imdb Rating
    	6.4/10 (45007)
    	A psychic works with the F.B.I., in order to hunt down a serial killer.
    	101 minutes
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    							Anthony Hopkins, Colin Farrell, Xander Berkeley, Frank Brennan, David Weiss, Janine Turner, Bruce Taylor, Kenny Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Charles Lawlor, Marley Shelton, Sharon Lawrence, Kresh Novakovic, Keith Ewell, Matt Gerald, Abbie Cornish, Russell Durham Comegys, Joshua Close, Jose Pablo Cantillo, Rey Hernandez, Jake Lawson, Autumn Dial, Jordan Woods-Robinson, Adam Drescher, Niyi Oni, Carter Godwin, Luisa Moraes, Tara Arroyave, Michele Torres, Christopher Beanland							
    							Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller							
    							Date Published:
    							Afonso Poyart							
    							Imdb Link:

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    > The A list actors in a B movie, is the latest trend. A bunch of great actors with their very good performances, but the story was merely okay, even though somewhat it was an enjoyable flick. 'Two Rabbits' was a good Brasilian thriller, this is from the same director and his Hollywood debut which is not a spellbinding. I expected a lot after knowing it was his film, it did not disappoint me either, but for the Hollywood standards this was a let down. If it would have been a Portuguese film, then no one would have complained much. It was supposed to be a sequel to David Fincher's 'Seven', but failed to fuse both the stories. So then it became an independent narration. The title should have been 'Premonition', but there's already a movie with that name. Like I said the story was kind of a mix of other films. The theme was a too much intelligence, so it needed the clever writers for its screenplay. I only say it was a missed opportunity to turn the product like 'Law Abiding Citizen'. For a concept like this, the scenes were too ordinary and the end has been just alright. The best thing about this was the entertainment it offered, no matter if you feel deja-vu of watching this film, you won't get bored. Top actors, but I still consider it a good quality B movie than an average quality A list movie. 6/10

    Should have been in wide release... Anthony Hopkins! Colin Farrell! Jeffrey Dean Morgan! A super well paced film with these fine actors and... straight to VOD in the USA. Oh and Abbie Cornish! Not as well know as the above but she was great in her role as well! Twenty years ago this film would have been given a wide release and been, if not a huge hit, a modest one. Certainly would have made it's money back and more. Today?? VOD. So what happened? Too many movies coming out in the theaters to make room for this one? Too many showings of "Beauty and the Beast" taking up ten cinemas or more in the multi-plex thus shutting out "Solace"? Fear that Americans would not know what Solace meant?? Think I am kidding?? Back when Dalton played Bond the second feature was to be called "License Revoked" but was changed to "License to Kill" because the studio feared too many Americans would not now what revoked meant!! At least the Bond folks decided we were not all idiots and eventually gave us "Quantum of Solace"! (See? We knew what solace meant!!) I don't know why this fine film was dumped on the internet and not playing at the nearby 1-105. It deserved a wide audience.

    Not half as clever as it thinks it is. Not half as bad as it's purported to be. I'm glad that this never became _EI8HT_ though. It struggled enough to work as a standalone tale, I don't really see it working as a _SE7EN_ sequel. _Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go._



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