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Sinister Switch (2021)

  • Thriller TV Movie
  • Six years after she was kidnapped, Kristen and Justin's daughter returns home. But something seems off about the girl claiming to be their child...



    Parents Kristen and Justin are thrilled when their kidnapped daughter, Olivia, returns home after being missing for six years. However, they soon realize that the girl is not their daughter, but another previously unknown captive named Natalie.

    Sinister Switch (2021) download

    Sinister Switch (2021) download

    Sinister Switch (2021) download

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    4 weeks ago

    How can parents NOT know this isn't their child?! I get 6 years have passed but come on! I think a parent would know their own child. And what about a blood test? Did they do that? I guess not.

    4 weeks ago

    So many unrealistic things:A mother not being able to tell right away that the girl was not her daughter - especially since the two girls looked nothing alike at the endThe police not having a blood test done to be sure the girl was their daughter before turning her over to themThe mother not calling the police upon finding out the girl was not her daughterThe mother not calling the police before walking into a kidnapper's house - he could've been a maniac lunatic monster but she blthely goes in with no weapon of any kind, with one of his victimsThe kidnapped girls choosing to stay with the kidnapper when they could have left with the mother when she found them and told them to come with herPeople walking and sitting outside in the freezing cold and blowing snowAnd there were a few times when I couldn't understand the dialogue - they either talked too fast or didn't make sense. And I couldn't believe the mother didn't think to give her daughter Olivia her coat when she found her - she made her stand and walk in the freezing weather with snow on the ground in the thin little nightgown she was wearing! What a massive oversight by the entire crew AND the actress playing the mother.....wow.As a side note: why was Natalie's hair SO thin and stringy throughout the movie and then suddenly thicker with body at the end (a year later)?Too slow and draggy most of the time, with all the excitement happening at very end.Grade D / 2 out of 10.

    4 weeks ago

    This movie held my interest all the way through, and while not Oscar material, does present a tense tight story that is believable. Script is good. Director is very good. Acting very good, except perhaps the mother...who has her hair perfectly fixed in every scene, and smiles just a little too much.


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