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Shank (2010)

  • Action Drama Thriller
  • Mo Ali’s futuristic knife-crime drama brings the dystopian environment of CHILDREN OF MEN and DISTRICT 13 to London’s East 17. SHANK delivers a ruthless vision of forthcoming urban life, where guns have been superseded by knives and are fiercely wielded by aimless youths. Amidst the chaos is the Paper Chazers gang, a rare morally conscious group who trade scavenged food for money. After Chazers gang member, Junior (Kedar Williams-Stirling), witnesses his brother, murder he must decide whether to get revenge of stick to the gangs moral code... In this superbly paced and artistic film, present-day social issues, and murky city streets, provide a perfect canvas for imagination and action.



    Set in a dystopic future London in 2015| where society has fallen apart| gangs have taken over and the economy is in complete anarchy. The story follows Junior andhis older brother| Rager| who are in charge of a local gang| "The Paper Chaserz". They try to stay out of trouble and refuse to kill as part of their 'moral code'|which is especially enforced by the strong but defensive Rager. Rager leads his gang| "The Paper Chaserz" and they plan to steal goods out of a local van. Therobbery is successful| but a rival gang called The Soldiers| who are notorious and bloodthirsty in trying to take-over all other postcodes in the London area|attempt a theft. The "Paper Chaserz" escape| except for Junior who is stranded and cornered by The Soldiers. Rager reappears and saves his brother by beating all therival gang members| telling Junior to leave. As Junior flees| Rager is attacked by the crews leader Tugz| who stabs Rager in the back multiple times. Junior nowteams up with the rest of ...





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    There's not a lot of love out there for _Shank_, but I for one quite enjoyed it. I understand it won't be for everyone, and I do come into it with a bit of a bias, but the only way you'll know for sure if you can appreciate _Shank_ (and decipher its various UK accents) is to watch it for yourself. _Final rating:★★★ - I personally recommend you give it a go._


    2 years ago

    Any hear say for this movie?


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