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Krugman (Ed.) - Currency Crises (2000).pdf 22 MB
Wood - A History of Central Banking in Great Britain and the United States (2005).pdf 21 MB
Strumeyer - The Capital Market; Evolution of the Financial Ecosystem (2017).epub 14 MB
Cargill - The Financial System, Financial Regulation and Central Bank Policy (2017).pdf 14 MB
Nesvetailova - Shadow Banking; Scope, Origins and Theories (2018).pdf 13 MB
Forrest et al - Currency Wars; Offense and Defense through Systemic Thinking (2018).pdf 8.8 MB
Walker et al (Eds.) - Designing a Sustainable Financial System; Development Goals and Socio-Ecological Responsibility (2018).pdf 5.7 MB
Rapley - Twilight of the Money Gods; Economics as a Religion and How It All Went Wrong (2017).epub 4.9 MB
Rosser & Sanders - A History of Mortgage Banking in the West; Financing America’s Dreams (2017).pdf 4.9 MB
Obstfeld & Taylor - Global Capital Markets; Integration, Crisis, and Growth (2004).pdf 4.7 MB
Mackintosh - The Redesign of the Global Financial Architecture; the Return of State Authority (2016).pdf 4.4 MB
Kubo (Ed.) - Dollarization and De-dollarization in Transitional Economies of Southeast Asia (2017).pdf 3.9 MB
Diaz et al (Eds.) - Corporate Governance in Banking and Investor Protection; From Theory to Practice (2018).pdf 3.8 MB
Macdonald - Eurocritical; a Crisis of the Euro Currency (2018).pdf 3.8 MB
Parker & Tsarouhas (Eds.) - Crisis in the Eurozone Periphery; the Political Economies of Greece, Spain, Ireland and Portugal (2018).pdf 3.6 MB
Ozatac & Gokmenoglu (Eds.) - New Challenges in Banking and Finance; 2nd Int. Conf. Banking and Finance Perspectives (2017).pdf 3.3 MB
Bernanke - The Federal Reserve and the Financial Crisis (2013).epub 3.3 MB
Moure - The Gold Standard Illusion; France, the Bank of France, and the International Gold Standard, 1914-1939 (2002).pdf 2.8 MB
Gardener & Versluijs (Eds.) - Bank Strategies and Challenges in the New Europe (2001).pdf 2.7 MB
Buckland - Building Financial Resilience; Do Credit and Finance Schemes Serve or Impoverish Vulnerable People (2018).pdf 2.4 MB
Yuan - The Dual-Center Global Financial System; the Perspective of China’s Rise (2018).pdf 2.3 MB
David - The Almighty Dollar; Follow the Incredible Journey of a Single Dollar to See How the Global Economy Really Works (2018).epub 2.2 MB
Marshall - How You Got Screwed; What Big Banks, Big Government, and Big Business Don’t Want You to Know.. (2018).epub 2.1 MB
Badre - Can Finance Save the World; Regaining Power Over Money to Serve the Common Good (2018).epub 1.7 MB
Siklos - The Changing Face of Central Banking; Evolutionary Trends since World War II (2002).pdf 1.5 MB
Weaver - Hypocrisy Trap; the World Bank and the Poverty of Reform (2008).pdf 1.4 MB
Russell - New Deal Banking Reforms and Keynesian Welfare State Capitalism (2007).pdf 1.3 MB
Tcha (Ed.) - Gold and the Modern World Economy (2003).pdf 1.3 MB
Prins - Collusion; How Central Bankers Rigged the World (2018).epub 1.3 MB
Rickards - Currency Wars; the Making of the Next Global Crisis (2011).pdf 1.3 MB
McMillan - The End of Banking; Money, Credit, and the Digital Revolution (2014).epub 1.2 MB
Moss (Ed.) - Monetary Union in Crisis; The European Union as a Neo-Liberal Construction (2005).pdf 1.2 MB
Beccalli & Poli (Eds.) - Bank Risk, Governance and Regulation (2015).pdf 1.1 MB
Jespersen - The Euro, Why it Failed (2016).epub 630 kB
Momani & Hibben - What’s Wrong With the IMF and How to Fix It (2018).epub 477 kB


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