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Scrub Me Mama with a Boogie Beat (1941)

  • Comedy Animation Family
  • Lazy black folks in Lazy Town (Pop. 123½) are napping and attracting flies. They are so lethargic they even fight in slow motion. Then a riverboat arrives with a red hot mama on board. Faster than you can say "Jim Crow", she has everyone moving to a Harlem boogie beat, dancing, scrubbing clothes, and eating watermelon. As the boogie-woogie comes to a close, Mammy hoists her skirt. Her big bottom reads "The End".

    • Ivie Anderson As The Girl (voice)
    • Mel Blanc As Boat Captain / Mammy / Fighter One / Fighter Two / Various (voice)
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    This is the complete series (season 1-9) of Scrubs ripped from DVD.

    It's in full DVD resolution and high quality.

    It includes every extra that came with the collectors edition DVDs, that is the directors' commentaries, outtakes, deleted scenes, actor interviews and various other things.


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    5 years ago

    Awesome upload mate! Will seed for a while.

    5 years ago

    Spent years grabbing the TV rips - can't wait to have the whole set. My up-speed is wide open, I'll let it run all weekend. Thanks!

    5 years ago

    I'm always grateful for a working torrent, but some uploads are just so perfect that you're not only grateful, you also can't believe your luck that you were able to download something so awesome. This is one of those uploads; at present it is hands down the best 'Scrubs' torrent around. Do yourself a favor it download it. Thank you times one hundred bardosi.

    4 years ago

    Thanks! Highest quality Scrubs DVDRips out there. Will seed for a while.

    Allahu akbar!

    4 years ago

    Seeing as no one has mentioned it I can only assume that I am the only one with messed up copies of season 7 and 8. The colors are off and there is a horizontal green line on the bottom of the screen. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for the rest!

    4 years ago

    Everything else is great quality, VLC is fully up to date too..

    4 years ago

    Reboot fixed my problem. Awesome torrent thanks a lot bardosi!

    3 years ago

    We need seeders here. TPB claims there are 18 seeders, but I am not seeing any seeders at all.


    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E09.Our.Stuff.Gets.Real.mkv 273 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E12.Their.Story.II.mkv 249 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E11.My.Nah.Nah.Nah.mkv 216 MB
    Season 8/Extras/Scrubs.S08X04.Outtakes.mkv 28 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E22.My.Occurrence.mkv 240 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E02.My.Office.mkv 326 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E11.My.Clean.Break.mkv 203 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E03.My.Case.Study.mkv 240 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E03.My.Saving.Grace.mkv 236 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E06.My.Number.One.Doctor.mkv 309 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E02.My.Rite.of.Passage.mkv 267 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E13.My.Five.Stages.mkv 249 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E20.My.Lunch.mkv 304 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X07.Outtakes.mkv 50 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E02.My.Best.Friend's.Baby's.Baby.and.My.Baby's.Baby.mkv 229 MB
    Season 6/Extras/Scrubs.S06X01.My.Making.Of.My.Musical.mkv 160 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E22.My.Point.of.No.Return.mkv 255 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E11.My.Sex.Buddy.mkv 243 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E11.My.Unicorn.mkv 238 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E04.My.Big.Mouth.mkv 261 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E18.My.T.C.W..mkv 281 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E04.My.Old.Lady.mkv 272 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E16.My.Karma.mkv 299 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E16.My.Butterfly.mkv 215 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E03.My.Inconvenient.Truth.mkv 303 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E06.Our.New.Girl-Bro.mkv 348 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E14.My.Screw.Up.mkv 262 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E15.My.Bed.Banter.&.Beyond.mkv 371 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E09.My.Dumb.Luck.mkv 283 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E16.My.Words.of.Wisdom.mkv 233 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E08.Our.Couples.mkv 298 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E12.My.Cabbage.mkv 311 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E11.My.Own.Personal.Jesus.mkv 244 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E18.My.Turf.War.mkv 262 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E23.My.Faith.in.Humanity.mkv 288 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E14.My.No.Good.Reason.mkv 258 MB
    Season 5/Extras/Scrubs.S05X01.My.Way.Home.Extended.Edition.mkv 385 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E15.My.Soul.on.Fire.(Part.2).mkv 343 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X09.Alternate.Lines.mkv 41 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E13.My.Balancing.Act.mkv 248 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E05.My.Growing.Pains.mkv 318 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E06.My.Missed.Perception.mkv 265 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E05.Her.Story.mkv 236 MB
    Season 3/Extras/Scrubs.S03X06.Robert.Keeps.Talking.mkv 62 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E22.My.Big.Move.mkv 273 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E12.My.Catalyst.mkv 260 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E10.Our.True.Lies.mkv 258 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E03.My.Best.Friend's.Mistake.mkv 293 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E08.My.Friend.the.Doctor.mkv 202 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E18.My.Roommates.mkv 210 MB
    Season 9/Extras/Scrubs.S09X03.Live.From.The.Golf.Cart.mkv 32 MB
    Season 7/Extras/Scrubs.S07X03.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 168 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X02.The.Sweethearts.of.Sacred.Heart.mkv 148 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E08.My.Fifteen.Minutes.mkv 281 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X08.Alternate.Lines.mkv 107 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X06.Stunt.Casting.mkv 38 MB
    Season 5/Extras/Scrubs.S05X03.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 130 MB
    Season 8/Extras/Scrubs.S08X05.Interns.mkv 114 MB
    Season 8/Extras/Scrubs.S08X02.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 73 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E05.My.ABC's.mkv 227 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E03.Our.Role.Models.mkv 306 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E14.My.Own.Personal.Hell.mkv 282 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E11.Our.Dear.Leaders.mkv 293 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X05.Not.Just.Another.Medical.Show.mkv 83 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X02.Musical.Stylings.mkv 87 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E03.My.White.Whale.mkv 282 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E10.My.Comedy.Show.mkv 236 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E13.My.Philosophy.mkv 250 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E16.My.Bright.Idea.mkv 277 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E10.My.Female.Trouble.mkv 236 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E07.My.First.Step.mkv 287 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E09.My.Lucky.Day.mkv 226 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E16.My.Cuz.mkv 239 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E08.My.Manhood.mkv 317 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E05.Our.Mysteries.mkv 312 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E07.Our.White.Coats.mkv 342 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E08.My.Fruit.Cups.mkv 223 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E05.My.New.God.mkv 282 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E07.My.Way.Home.mkv 256 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E07.His.Story.IV.mkv 289 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X01.Behind.The.Scenes.mkv 392 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E08.My.Last.Chance.mkv 222 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E04.My.Happy.Place.mkv 240 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E22.My.Déjà.Vu,.My.Déjà.Vu.mkv 241 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E11.My.Princess.mkv 379 MB
    Season 6/Extras/Scrubs.S06X03.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 230 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E01.My.First.Day.mkv 260 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E13.My.Scrubs.mkv 287 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E02.My.Hard.Labor.mkv 271 MB
    Season 9/Extras/Scrubs.S09X01.Scrubbing.In.mkv 67 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E15.My.Tormented.Mentor.mkv 192 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E04.My.First.Kill.mkv 258 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E06.My.Musical.mkv 314 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E10.My.Therapeutic.Month.mkv 269 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E09.My.Malpractice.Decision.mkv 192 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E12.Our.Driving.Issues.mkv 308 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E17.Their.Story.mkv 270 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E19.His.Story.III.mkv 249 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E12.My.New.Old.Friend.mkv 228 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E03.My.Day.at.the.Races.mkv 276 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E21.My.Lips.Are.Sealed.mkv 278 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E01.My.Mirror.Image.mkv 257 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E09.My.Day.Off.mkv 249 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E13.My.Porcelain.God.mkv 336 MB
    Season 6/Extras/Scrubs.S06X02.Judy.Reyes.Keeps.Talking.mkv 53 MB
    Season 3/Extras/Scrubs.S03X01.Twist.And.Shoot.mkv 107 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E15.My.Extra.Mile.mkv 262 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E15.My.Hypocritical.Oath.mkv 262 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E10.Her.Story.II.mkv 273 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X05.Donald.Keeps.Talking.mkv 164 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E10.My.Waste.of.Time.mkv 309 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E01.My.Overkill.mkv 294 MB
    Season 3/Extras/Scrubs.S03X05.Scrubs.Factor.mkv 55 MB
    Season 5/Extras/Scrubs.S05X04.Alternate.Lines.mkv 451 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X05.JD's.Mojo.mkv 53 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X01.A.Rare.Condition.mkv 217 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E12.My.Best.Moment.mkv 280 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E05.My.New.Coat.mkv 258 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E15.His.Story.mkv 382 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E02.My.Last.Words.mkv 184 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E06.My.Bad.mkv 210 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E06.My.Advice.to.You.mkv 212 MB
    Season 6/Extras/Scrubs.S06X06.The.Debra.And.Stephanie.Show.mkv 151 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E02.My.Mentor.mkv 217 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X02.Superman.Music.Video.mkv 96 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X08.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 103 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X06.Favorite.Moments.mkv 134 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E08.My.Big.Bird.mkv 310 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E25.My.Changing.Ways.mkv 249 MB
    Season 7/Extras/Scrubs.S07X04.Alternate.Lines.mkv 184 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E22.My.Dream.Job.mkv 269 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E17.My.Student.mkv 275 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E12.My.Fishbowl.mkv 263 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E09.My.Half-Acre.mkv 277 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E12.My.Blind.Date.mkv 299 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E21.My.Rabbit.mkv 249 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E20.My.Boss's.Free.Haircut.mkv 243 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E02.Our.Drunk.Friend.mkv 279 MB
    Season 6/Extras/Scrubs.S06X05.The.Third.Tier.mkv 117 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E04.My.Lucky.Night.mkv 289 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E20.My.Interpretation.mkv 265 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E21.My.Self-Examination.mkv 306 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X01.Will.You.Ever.Be.My.Mentor.mkv 63 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E19.My.Cold.Shower.mkv 291 MB
    Season 9/Extras/Scrubs.S09X02.Bloopers.mkv 15 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E01.My.Old.Friend's.New.Friend.mkv 353 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E14.My.Lucky.Charm.mkv 232 MB
    Season 7/Extras/Scrubs.S07X01.My.Making.Of.My.Princess.mkv 254 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E11.My.Night.to.Remember.mkv 304 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E19.My.Best.Laid.Plans.mkv 281 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E04.My.House.mkv 273 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E24.My.Last.Day.mkv 254 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E01.My.Own.American.Girl.mkv 262 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E16.My.Heavy.Meddle.mkv 213 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E04.Our.Histories.mkv 272 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E07.My.Fifteen.Seconds.mkv 216 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E17.My.Own.Private.Practice.Guy.mkv 287 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E14.My.Soul.on.Fire.(Part.1).mkv 305 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E17.My.Moment.of.Un-Truth.mkv 221 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E04.My.Jiggly.Ball.mkv 271 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E08.My.Lawyer's.in.Love.mkv 258 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E18.My.Finale.(Part.1).mkv 213 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E15.My.Long.Goodbye.mkv 288 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E09.My.Absence.mkv 247 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X03.Johnny.C.Keeps.Talking.mkv 40 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E14.My.Drug.Buddy.mkv 242 MB
    Season 7/Extras/Scrubs.S07X05.Bloopers.mkv 52 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E13.My.Ocardial.Infarction.mkv 257 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E07.My.New.Role.mkv 242 MB
    Season 5/Extras/Scrubs.S05X02.My.117.Episodes.mkv 265 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E10.My.Monster.mkv 232 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E16.My.Quarantine.mkv 212 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E09.My.Dirty.Secret.mkv 253 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E21.My.Drama.Queen.mkv 279 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E20.My.Way.or.the.Highway.mkv 241 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E21.My.Fallen.Idol.mkv 206 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E17.My.Chief.Concern.mkv 233 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E20.My.Conventional.Wisdom.mkv 309 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X10.Outtakes.mkv 60 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E24.My.Drive-By.mkv 268 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E07.My.Common.Enemy.mkv 242 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E18.His.Story.II.mkv 267 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E01.Our.First.Day.of.School.mkv 282 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E07.My.Super.Ego.mkv 242 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X03.The.Doctor.Is.In.mkv 31 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E04.My.Identity.Crisis.mkv 282 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E05.My.Friend.with.Money.mkv 277 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E05.My.Two.Dads.mkv 232 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E11.My.Buddy's.Booty.mkv 259 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E03.My.New.Game.mkv 267 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E01.My.Intern's.Eyes.mkv 291 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X04.Who.Is.That.Man.mkv 62 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X04.Alternate.Lines.mkv 131 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E08.My.Road.to.Nowhere.mkv 263 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E14.My.Brother,.My.Keeper.mkv 254 MB
    Season 9/Scrubs.S09E13.Our.Thanks.mkv 220 MB
    Season 6/Extras/Scrubs.S06X04.Alternate.Lines.mkv 165 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E06.My.Cookie.Pants.mkv 242 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E20.My.Fault.mkv 238 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E21.My.Sacrificial.Clam.mkv 262 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E06.My.Cake.mkv 222 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E06.My.Big.Brother.mkv 252 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E24.My.Transition.mkv 255 MB
    Season 7/Extras/Scrubs.S07X02.One-on-one.With.Ken.Jenkins.mkv 49 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E01.My.Jerks.mkv 261 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E17.My.Chopped.Liver.mkv 240 MB
    Season 3/Extras/Scrubs.S03X02.Don't.Try.This.At.Home.mkv 92 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E23.My.Hero.mkv 266 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E03.My.Coffee.mkv 270 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E05.My.Brother,.Where.Art.Thou.mkv 206 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X07.G.Tom.Mac.Music.Video.-.Half.mkv 48 MB
    Season 4/Scrubs.S04E17.My.Life.in.Four.Cameras.mkv 378 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E22.My.Best.Friend's.Wedding.mkv 226 MB
    Season 8/Extras/Scrubs.S08X03.Alternate.Lines.mkv 92 MB
    Season 6/Scrubs.S06E09.My.Perspective.mkv 267 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E13.My.Full.Moon.mkv 197 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E18.My.Tuscaloosa.Heart.mkv 225 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X04.Secrets.And.Lies.mkv 147 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E19.My.Old.Man.mkv 242 MB
    Season 8/Scrubs.S08E19.My.Finale.(Part.2).mkv 236 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E10.My.Rule.of.Thumb.mkv 212 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E19.My.Choosiest.Choice.of.All.mkv 224 MB
    Season 3/Scrubs.S03E02.My.Journey.mkv 279 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E02.My.Nightingale.mkv 224 MB
    Season 1/Scrubs.S01E10.My.Nickname.mkv 258 MB
    Season 3/Extras/Scrubs.S03X03.Long-Term.Residents.mkv 108 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E07.My.Bad.Too.mkv 302 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E23.My.Urologist.mkv 252 MB
    Season 1/Extras/Scrubs.S01X08.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 172 MB
    Season 2/Scrubs.S02E19.My.Kingdom.mkv 299 MB
    Season 3/Extras/Scrubs.S03X04.What.Up.Dawg.mkv 94 MB
    Season 2/Extras/Scrubs.S02X07.Imagination.Gone.Wild.mkv 108 MB
    Season 7/Scrubs.S07E01.My.Own.Worst.Enemy.mkv 308 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X03.The.Weapons.Chest.mkv 123 MB
    Season 5/Scrubs.S05E18.My.New.Suit.mkv 246 MB
    Season 4/Extras/Scrubs.S04X06.Deleted.Scenes.mkv 315 MB
    Season 8/Extras/Scrubs.S08X01.My.Bahamas.Vacation.mkv 271 MB


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