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Saving Planet Earth: Fiona Bruce: Saving Tigers(2007)

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  • Tiger populations are collapsing. Fiona discovers that it's time for a new idea that can secure tiger populations in India forever.



    Fiona Bruce - Saving Tigers
    BBC 1 Tue 26 Jun, 7:00 pm - 7:30 pm 30mins
    In the last 100 years, the tiger has been driven close to extinction by the
    loss of its forest habitat and poaching. In the second Saving Planet Earth
    celebrity expedition, Fiona Bruce investigates the precarious state of the
    Bengal tiger population and learns about an ambitious conservation project ?
    Tigers Forever. The plan is to create large protected tracts of forest,
    while helping local people to relocate away from these areas.
    In a national park, Fiona has a close encounter with three wild tigers
    fighting just 15ft away. "But then it dawns on me ? if I can get this close,
    can a poacher? A single tiger skin can fetch $16,000, which is a huge return
    for a single bullet," she comments.
    She meets biologist Dr Ullas Karanth, whose research has shown that tigers
    need huge areas of forest to thrive in, with a plentiful supply of prey. He
    is identifying suitable parts of forest far enough away from farmed land,
    with the aim of joining up these key areas with corridors of forest.
    "The problem with farm land encroaching into the forest is that the deer
    have no habitat ? which means that the tigers haven't got enough to eat. So
    it's important that it's the right kind of environment and there's enough
    prey for them to survive," explains Fiona.
    In the last five years, 17 villages have been relocated away from the prime
    sites, showing that people and tigers can successfully share the forest.
    According to Ullas, the declining numbers are reversible. If the project
    receives funding, it can increase tiger numbers by an amazing 50 per cent in
    10 years.
    "Let's hope you can do it," adds Fiona. "The integration of tigers and
    people means that tigers can truly be forever."
    A £10 donation to the BBC Wildlife Fund could help the Tigers Forever
    Project support a resettled family for a week.
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