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Roger Waters Carry the Stone: A Retrospective 84-07

This is a collection of the best moments and hard to find one-off tracks from Pink Floyd's Roger Waters throughout his solo career.

  1. Lost Boys Calling (Legend of 1900 Soundtrack)
  2. To Kill The Child
  3. What God Wants (Part I)
  4. Perfect Sense (Parts I & II)
  5. Get Your Filthy Hands Of My Desert/Southampton Dock (Live)
  6. Hello (I Love You) (The Last Mimsy soundtrack)
  7. 5:06 A.M. (Every Stranger's Eyes)
  8. Leaving Beirut
  9. The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid)
  10. Each Small Candle (Live)
  11. Amused To Death
  12. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
  13. Flickering Flame

This is meant as a gateway drug type of collection. Please reseed and if you like the songs, support the artist and buy the official Floyd and solo cd's!

fb2918df02982009c8bb688480974782 *Track01.flac 1b1e9222f9ab20b5f60c548d9116ade0 *Track02 - To Kill The Child.flac 75dee4164c881fb5b61ce5cd6966cbf1 *Track03.flac 91e968b3485989951cd3335a52370329 *Track04.flac 78c9725290a6272e9e694e75ad4e6b1c *Track05.flac a411cbf105989dff030dbd526c3ab35f *Track06.flac 7e0640f91bb24d70303ff71075fbfa1b *Track07.flac 9d9ddd4632c1c907ecb7edd603e7443e *Track08 - Leaving Beirut.flac 5a953e021a3242214e615b9747116ee3 *Track09.flac 93bf857dacacccc74ebda3fb03f5b951 *Track10.flac ef156dca92534c570eb17e8d3774ee4f *Track11.flac dabd8481c7bc7b0e1615b4aca8de54ba *Track12.flac 110fb6ec857177a7edf812385ea2eebd *Track13.flac

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8 years ago

Thank You !!

8 years ago

Info I should have added for those who care: Tracks are edited/segued together slightly in a way that is consistent with Roger and Floyd's albums and collections to make for a more enjoyable listening experience.

Sources: 1. "Legend of 1900" soundtrack cd 2. "To Kill A Child" amazon 320 kps mp3 (sorry no WAV.. I can't afford the $200 2 track Japan single and can't find the WAV or FLAC of it) 3. "Amused To Death" Gold Disc 4. "Amused To Death" Gold Disc 5. "In The Flesh Live" cd 6. Promo Single "For Grammy Consideration" cd 7. "Flickering Flame" cd 8. "Leaving Beirut" 320 kps Amazon mp3 9. "Flickering Flame" cd (Originally "Radio KAOS" but this seems to be a cleaner mix) 10. "In The Flesh Live" cd 11. "Amused To Death" gold cd - intro/outro edited for length 12. "Flickering Flame" cd 13. "Flickering Flame" cd

8 years ago

thank you very much

8 years ago

Hi! I place for download my FLAC version of To Kill The Child/Leaving Beirut single FLAC here

7 years ago

Many Thanks!


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