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Resident Evil (2002)

  • Horror Action Science Fiction
  • When a virus leaks from a top-secret facility, turning all resident researchers into ravenous zombies and their lab animals into mutated hounds from hell, the government sends in an elite military task force to contain the outbreak. Alice and Rain are charged with leading the mission. But they only have three hours before the pathogen becomes airborne and infects the world.

  • $33,000,000
  • Description

    A virus has escaped in a secret facility called "The Hive," turning the staff into hungry zombies and releasing the mutated Lab "Animals" that they were studying. The complex computer shuts down the base to prevent infection. The parent corporation sends in an elite military unit, where they meet Alice, who is suffering from amnesia due to exposure to nerve gas. The military team must shut down the computer and get out, fighting their way past zombies, mutants, and the computer itself, before the virus escapes and infects the rest of the world. Alice must also come to terms with her slowly-returning memories.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120804/

    Resident Evil (2002) download

    Resident Evil (2002) download

    Resident Evil (2002) download

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    3 years ago

    This is a good and gory zombie action film. It is not full of horror and suspense but it makes you jump and some of the gore kicks you back a little. This is good as there is no brain power required. You just sit back and enjoy the action and the beautiful star of the movie. Nothing intellectual is a good thing. The action is good but they do use a lot of CG effects which gets a little tired occasionally. Worth seeing though.

    3 years ago

    Hackneyed film from hack Paul WS Anderson as he turns a computer game franchise into a film franchise.In the near future an underground biogenetic research laboratory owned by Umbrella Corporation accidentally releases the deadly T- virus which kills the scientists and workers. A team of special operatives investigate, among them is Alice (Milla Jovovich.) She is amnesiac but her memories slowly come back as the team encounter the Red Queen, a supercomputer that had them trapped in order to prevent further spreading of disease.Also after them are lethal zombies created by the virus and looking for food. There are also a predictable twist relating to a betrayal.Anderson has made a plain bad horror action flick with dodgy CGI. He throws in some zombie dogs and there is a nod to Alien.

    3 years ago

    I remember the first time I caught this it was by accident (?) The opening sequence where they explain an underground facility intrigued me so I stayed with it. It pulled me right in. The story is rather unique and they pull it off in a credible way. Who doesn't like a secret underground city type facility, run by a computer that has had a breakdown of some sort being investigated by an elite squad of Marine types? It just captures you as the story unravels quite nicely. It had some nice scares and twists and just when you think you are out it pulls you back in more than once I might add. Its just a well executed movie. While I prefer no nudity in the movies, this was understandable as the story presents it. It does distract but for Hollywood that means $$$. This went on to launch a series of movies so need for me to go on and on. Give a look-see and find out what this is all about. BTW...I like to eat while watching. However, Zombie films don't stimulate the appetite and this had plenty of thrill-action keeping you occupied. Do have a tasty drink and perhaps some sunflower seeds on standby. Enjoy

    6 years ago

    got to love the classics great copy and download will defo seed thanks YIFY :)


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