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Native Instruments - Reaktor v5.1.5

Tested, works perfectly on Leopard. Keep in mind this version is only for Intel Macs so does NOT work on PowerPC.

NOTE: The plug-in replacements are not in the Plug-in folder but in the Library folder in the package.

Brought to you by Tyler Durden. Electronic music is a way of life.

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10 years ago

Ok, sorry guys, the plug-ins you are looking for are in the "Library" folder.

9 years ago

This works perfectly. First I thought it didn't because it wouldn't open as a VST in Logic.. But after I'd copied the Reaktor.dmp, Reaktor5.component and Reaktor5.vst files to the right places everything worked great!

Thanks a bunch!

9 years ago

Thanks Tyler,

Can up please run through how to install this?

I'm using pro tools 7.3.1 with an intel Imac. I'm a novice at this so anyhelp would be greatly appreciated:)

9 years ago

works perfectly! tho just one issue....when using as a virtual insturment on pro tools a box comes up (reaktor) stating that this needs to be activated...I've followed the guide and selected custom install, tho i could see any plugin cracks to copy across. when i click activate it takes me on the web but I've disabled my net and then works but I need to use this live. works perfectly stand alone, no activation required. please help!!!

9 years ago

I'm running this on 10.6 using logic 8 and again it works fine as a stand alone but needs activating to use as a plug in and I can't work out how that is done, any help would be great, like what folders need to be moved and how the keygen works.

Thanks in advance

9 years ago

Open the Reaktor 5.1.5 folder that unzipped out of the download. Go to Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components. You see that Reaktor5.component file sittin' there? Right click on it and COPY.That has to replace the one that wants you to authorize it. Now open your main drive and go to: Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components. Right click in open space and PASTE ITEM. You then be asked if you want to replace. Click REPLACE and the new component will replace the one that is already in there. Viola! You're ready for Logic and Garageband.

9 years ago

NYC...just did that and it still is running as a demo in Protools plugins...I am running Tiger 10.4.11...is this why? Please help!

9 years ago

@NYCrocker i can not find that component file damn "Open the Reaktor 5.1.5 folder that unzipped out of the download." i dont understand this,which is that folder bro?Reaktor instalation folder?

9 years ago

hey thanks for upload i could use some help, i have logic and i have it runnning, but it has no instruments or anything, i didnt unzip the legacy library befor i installed it, should i redo everything and do that first?

8 years ago

Could someone please seed? Would really like the plug in and haven't gotten a single seed all day. big thanks for the upload! =)

8 years ago

Got a seed now of 2.1 kb/s max but at least its a seed ^^

8 years ago

yo tylerdurden i unzipped an installed but now its says i need to register it? no idea what to do

8 years ago

first off, ive been using TPB for quite some time and i finally needed to register to share my comments/questions. i used this torrent. unzipped. worked fine. i went to install when it asked me to put in a serial. i followed the instructions to copy the component file and it didnt work. however, i found another torrent on here that had a serial. i plugged that in and it worked. just finished installing it.

8 years ago

Can some of you guys seed please? The other Reaktor torrent for Mac isn't working, and there's only 3 seeders for this one

8 years ago

Can anyone tell me how to update this to v5.5? I've tried the serial from the other torrent on the ni website and it didn't work

8 years ago

ive installed this torrent perfectly, works great.

does this come with ALL the plugins (effects, synths etc..) ?

seems a bit light.

7 years ago

will this work if i have previously had the service center installed?


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