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Ram Jaane (1995)

  • Action Crime
  • A street hustler, who has spent several years in and out of prison, decides to reform his life, as he teaches street kids to stay away from crime, but has trouble maintaining these ideals in his own life.

  • $520,000
  • Description

    Ram Jaane is arrested by a security guard after stealing cargo from a train with his best friend. He is shortly released and becomes one of the biggest hustlers in the city. After a deadly shootout, he is arrested by a corrupt police official and sent to jail once again. After a few years of serving in prison, he goes back to the streets and to his friend's place. There he decides to help him raise the local kids in the area so they won't be corrupted by the streets. He quickly falls in love with a childhood girlfriend Bela (Juhi Chawla), but also goes back to his old ways.

    Ram Jaane (1995) download

    Ram Jaane (1995) download

    Ram Jaane (1995) download

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    9 months ago

    Ram Jaane is a Bollywood attemp in the gangster genre. Does it succeed in entertainment and is it worth the watch. The answer is YES, and this is only because of Shah Rukh Khans performance. Ram Jaane (Shah rukh khan) is about a orphan who is dumped in the bin and grows up to be a street wise smart gangster. Once Ram Jaane becomes a gangster, there is no proper plot. Its Ram Jaane and his way of life. Shah rukh Khan delivers a Great Performance. Why doesn't he make more of this kind of role. The movie also stars the very sexy Juhi Chawla in a decent role. The other actor is Vivek Mushram who is long gone and forgotten. Pankaj Kapoor is amusing as the Funny Gangster. This movie is absolutely entertaining. The Ram Jaane character is so amusing, his style and way of speaking is madness. If you like action movies and Shah Rukh Khan. It is worth the watch.

    9 months ago

    Surprisingly, it's become one of my favorites. Yes, it's really quite uneven and over-the-top in places but it has this very human core and philosophy that won me over... I cried quite a bit. Ram Jaane is not afraid of death... at all. And that's why he evokes so much pity.I thought Shahrukh really shined in this one. I too thought at first that he was overacting, but really, it's the character. He's supposed to be like this... Quite unhinged... a bit loud, a bit over-the-top and all over the place. But also carefree, simple, lovable, soft and smiling. And why not? Why always think in stereotypes based on Hollywood films that such a character should be more restrained and cool? I thought SRK created a really unique and memorable character. As he always does. All his "baddies" are different. Watch "Josh" for the "cool" one.Ram Jaane is a whole other story... SRK was plain brilliant in some scenes... many scenes. For example, the one where he learns that Bela loves Murli and not him, and asks Bela what it is that Murli has and he doesn't, and turns away hiding tears.Juhi is very beautiful and charming as usual. Since I've recently watched quite a few of her and SRK's films and really loved them ("Yes Boss" being the favorite), Juhi is fast becoming one of my favorite actresses, along with Rani, Kajol and Madhuri.Vivek Mushran as Murli was perfect. I really liked his character.And last but not least -- the music is great. I listen to the songs quite often and like them all: Ram Jaane, Chori Chori Chal O Gori, Ala la la long Pehla Love Song, and Phenk Hawa Ek Chumma Mein. They may not seem great at first but after a listening to them a few times they really grew on me.All in all, technically speaking, this film is not a masterpiece but since it's really endeared itself to my heart, I'd give it 9/10. For SRK's acting, for the story, for the music, and for the scorching chemistry with Juhi. I'd choose this over many SRK hits that are better known, like Don or Kal Ho Naa Ho or Mohabbatein or Dil To Pagal Hai or whatever.

    9 months ago

    I have watched this film may be more than 30 times in theater. There was a time when I used to watch this film everyday in the theater and the only reason was Shahrukh Khan. I can talk about story and other stuff but I really don't think thats important. Every single frame of the film is just Shahrukh Khan. 'Ram Jaane' was a very definite flop but for some people like me it was a mania. I remember I was traveling from Lucknow to Hapur and a rickshaw puller did a somersault and landed very badly on the ground. He just got up and started walking singing the title track. I really liked him because I was also in the same frame of mind for may be two months. I used to try somersaults, rectangular black glasses, jacket without shirts and above all drink directly from the bottle. I also used to get these exciting urges to slap a policeman but somehow I controlled. I wonder how I managed to control myself.There are lots of other interesting things i.e Background music, Shahrukh's dance, action sequences and of course Pankaj Kapoor. I and a friend of started smoking 'More' for good two months. Every time Shahrukh lit a cigarette we did. Every one in this world watch one film with total devotion for example my father who doesn't watch films watched 'Shree 420' fourteen times. For me it is 'Raam Jaane'. 'Khallas'. I really wish Shahrukh hadn't become so big. 10/10.


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