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This file includes:

Complete e-book in .pdf format
Workout routine with log " "
Anabolic Growth Tracker 5000 (AGT)


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13 years ago

Steroids are a great idea, but they're not worth shrinking my nuts over. What's the point of having a great body if your wedding tackle doesn't work?

13 years ago

it isnt about anabolics.. its a dude that claims u can make your body produce hormons like a wild train.. by the way, anabolics will make u feel like a girl with PMS all the time and no, balls do not shrink but the case of to much muscle in the area around the balls and dick will make it look smaller.. u dont need steoroids to look big.. just 10 years workout instead of 5...

13 years ago

Sargent_D....you're a fucking moron...read the book and you'll find out what it's about. The book does not tell you what roids to use or testosterone boosters to inject. It tells you how to increase your testosterone and growth horomones to there highest potential through diet and training. I just thought you might like to have the book for free instead of paying the price.

13 years ago

Uh oh...is that roid rage I hear? LOL

13 years ago

heh. anabolic workouts are legit, even though I like the navy seals anabolic training better.

13 years ago

Hey you idiots. Streroids will shirink your nuts if you dont use HCG but not permanet. I mean nuts not dick!

13 years ago

thank you for this one bixpixe. ignore these faggots that know nothing.

12 years ago

Bigpixie, this is not complete, the other bonuses from the e-book is important as well to. Do you have them? Re: Micro-Burst for arms, chest etc...

Thanks for your e-book...

11 years ago

I've read the book... Well... the book just repeats Stuart McRobert's ideas from his "Brawn" and"Beyond Brawn" books. Better look for the well known books -- those were written by a much more educated man... but they are not so relaxed and funny-worded.

9 years ago

Great download, though lacks some essential bonuses such as the workouts. If anyone could provide them, please do :)

9 years ago

God some people are idiots, anabolic in simple speak is process of turning simple substances such as carbs into complex ones like muscle tissue and has nothing to do with steroids hence the word "steroids" being nowhere in site. Why would someone even look at a PDF torrent if they can't even grasp the English language. Many thanks to bigpixie.

8 years ago

Thanks a Lot Bigpixie !! This book is very useful


Optimum Anabolics By Jeff Anderson.zip 2.4 MB


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