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City Hall (1996)

  • Drama Thriller
  • The accidental shooting of a boy in New York leads to an investigation by the Deputy Mayor, and unexpectedly far-reaching consequences.



    Meet Joe Black - Vi Presento Joe Black (1998) [XviD - Italian English Ac3 - MultiSub] MIRCrew [TNT Village]



    [SIZE=22]Vi Presento Joe Black - Meet Joe Black (1998)


    Titolo originale Meet Joe Black

    Lingua originale inglese

    Paese USA

    Anno 1998

    Durata 180 min

    Vi presento Joe Black (Meet Joe Black) è un film del 1998 diretto da Martin Brest, remake del film del 1934 La morte in vacanza, già precedentemente riproposto nel 1971 con lo stesso nome dell'originale.

    Rapporto 1,85:1

    Genere drammatico, sentimentale

    Regia Martin Brest

    Sceneggiatura Bo Goldman

    Produttore Martin Brest

    Produttore esecutivo Ronald L. Schwary

    Fotografia Emmanuel Lubezki

    Montaggio Joe Hutshing, Michael Tronick

    Effetti speciali Robert DeVine

    Musiche Thomas Newman

    Scenografia Dante Ferretti

    Costumi Aude Bronson-Howard, David C. Robinson


    Interpreti e personaggi

    • Brad Pitt: Joe Black

    • Anthony Hopkins: Bill Parrish

    • Claire Forlani: Susan Parrish

    • Jake Weber: Drew

    • Marcia Gay Harden: Allison Parrish

    • Jeffrey Tambor: Quince

    • David S. Howard: Eddie Sloane

    Doppiatori italiani

    • Sandro Acerbo: Joe Black

    • Dario Penne: Bill Parrish

    • Claudia Catani: Susan Parrish

    • Marco Mete: Drew

    • Pinella Dragani: Allison Parrish

    • Angelo Nicotra: Quince

    • Cesare Barbetti: Eddie Sloane



    William "Bill" Parrish è un uomo che ha tutto dalla vita: denaro, successo e una splendida famiglia. La sua idilliaca realtà viene improvvisamente sconvolta dall'arrivo di uno sconosciuto. Quest'ultimo è la

    Morte, venuta sulla Terra perché incuriosito dalle emozioni riguardo all'amore decantate da Bill, che alla fine del viaggio porterà con sé.

    La morte viene presentata da Bill come Joe Black che subito viene apprezzato dalla famiglia. La secondogenita di Bill, Susan, aveva conosciuto il ragazzo di cui la Morte ha preso il corpo e aveva iniziato a

    provare qualche sentimento nei suoi confronti. Susan però non riconosce in Joe il dolce giovane che aveva incontrato alla tavola calda e se ne allontana; trascorrendo del tempo assieme a lui, però, impara ad

    apprezzarlo e inizia così una grande storia d'amore.


    Bill Parrish, media tycoon, loving father and still a human being, is about to celebrate his 65th birthday. One morning, he is contacted by the Inevitable - by hallucination, as he thinks. Later, Death itself

    enters his home and his life, personified in a man's body: Joe Black has arrived. His intention was to take Bill with him, but accidentally, Joe's former host and Bills beautiful daughter Susan have already

    met. Joe begins to develop certain interest in life on earth as well as in Susan, who has no clue who she's flirting with.





    General #0

    Complete name : Vi Presento Joe Black - Meet Joe Black (1998)

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    Interlacement : Progressive

    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.164

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    Codec profile : Dolby Digital

    PlayTime : 2h 52mn

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    Channel positions : L R

    Sampling rate : 48 KHz

    StreamSize : 237 MiB

    Audio #1

    Codec : AC3

    PlayTime : 2h 52mn

    Bit rate : 383 Kbps

    Bit rate mode : CBR

    Channel(s) : 6 channels

    Channel positions : Front: L C R, Rear: L R, Subwoofer

    Sampling rate : 48 KHz

    StreamSize : 474 MiB




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    Being a huge fan of Al Pacino (from the likes of 'Heat', the 'Godfather' movies, and 'Dog Day Afternoon' especially) and having had a huge crush on Bridget Fonda ('Single White Female', anyone?) back in the day (Peter Fonda's famous daughter was named 85th sexiest star in film history, and Mrs. Danny Elfman hasn't been involved in film, unfortunately, since 2002), I was hugely disappointed in this film, especially since I had loved director Harold Becker's previous 'Sea of Love', which also starred Pacino. The first half was decent and involving, but it kind of slid off the rails, interest-wise for me, the rest of the way and got too talky and uninspired. I don't really know if the problem was with the script or its direction. I know I'm not the greatest John Cusack fan in the world (I find he's much better in comedy, like his sister Joan), but he had pretty good co-stars, whose talents were basically wasted, in Martin Landau, Anthony Franciosa and Danny Aiello (these guys were BORN for these roles and films, so on paper, this should have really worked out well). I had always wondered why this film had bombed so miserably, and now I know why. In cases like this, more should have been done to alter the story arc, just some basic tweaks, to make it more suspenseful and/or (though I usually balk at such 'Hollywood' tendencies) some romantic tension (a beauty such as Fonda's was misused--they may as well have hired someone else). All in all, a wasted opportunity that's worth a look if you like dramas about corruption--just don't go in with big expectations, and don't bother with a rewatch.



    V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998).avi 1.8 GB
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    Meet Joe Black - Vi Presento Joe Black (1998) [XviD - Italian English Ac3 - MultiSub] MIRCrew 1.9 GB
    V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998)/V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998).avi 1.8 GB
    V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998)/V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998).idx 431 kB
    V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998)/V1 Prs3nt0 J03 Bl4ck (1998).sub 36 MB


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