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  • Master Z Ip Man Legacy (2018) [BluRay] [1080p] [YTS.AM]
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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)

  • Action
  • Following his defeat by Master Ip, Cheung Tin Chi tries to make a life with his young son in Hong Kong, waiting tables at a bar that caters to expats. But it s not long before the mix of foreigners, money, and triad leaders draw him once again to the fight.



    While keeping a low profile after his defeat from Ip Man, Cheung Tin Chi gets into trouble after getting in a fight with a powerful foreigner.

    Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018) download

    Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018) download

    Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018) download

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    Scooby Reviews. 3/5 Stars. Ip Man Part 3 must be watched first to understand a few details here. This movie has a good cast and some great fighting scenes. Starts off really well but loses focus and grip. There is one major flaw in this movie that i won't talk about because it will lead to a spoiler. The story of this movie could ignite a racial feud if not watched with an open mind. I don't recommend this movie for a watch but if you still want to watch this then you could take a look.


    1 year ago

    I watched the movie today and when finished I felt kind of mixed. From the trailer, I had expected something better. The story/pace is good and keeps you watching. The fight scenes looks OK, but seems like not edited well enough. But something was missing. I couldn't find the exact word/term, but I guess it is the acting and/or directing maybe that is lacking. For me, it was Dave Bautista that made this movie enjoyable. Good acting! He stole every scene he was in. Michelle Yeoh and Xing Yu were both decent. I cant' say the same for the main character, Zhang Jin. He was like too stereotyped whole the movie. Overall, if you don't have better options at hand, watch it and make your mind for this popcorn movie.

    1 year ago

    The best action franchise after Infernal Affairs (2002; two sequels in 2003) , this Ip Man (2008; one sequel and a prequel in 2010; 2013; 2015; 2018; 2019) universe represents nationalistic enthusiasm of contemporary Hong Kong Chinese citizens in general.It actually reflects gradually severing complaints against the rule of man in political and social issues in the part of China.This can be embodied through this UK colonial era and its official governmental corruption in crony capitalist crimes, especially drag dealers=mafias who infiltrate the ruling upper class, and they are highly camouflaged in the face of generous business society.Furthermore, their paid government officials are protecting their business. The antagonist role Davidson who played by the ex-pro wrestler Dave Bautista engages in that way, a typical Hong Kong Caucasian ruing class capitalist.Hong Kong's crony capitalism is consciously and indirectly criticised in this film.Respect for Cheh Chang New Martial Arts Film TraditionThe main action line is the protagonist Cheung Tin Chi (played by Max Zhang) who was defeated in Ip Man 3 (2015) fights against drag dealer mafias in the bar district (Sis Ha and Tso Sai Kit) and Davidson.In short, this line is similar to The New One Armed Swords Man (Dir. Cheh Chang; 1971) in which the protagonist Lei Li (David Chiang) seeks a revenge for brutally killed friend Feng Chun-Chieh (Lung Ti) after lives a depressed life and low profile.The New One Armed Swords Man (Dir. Cheh Chang; 1971) in which the protagonist Lei Li (David Chiang) seeks a revenge for killed friend Feng Chun-Chieh (Lung Ti) after lives a depressed life and low profile.Action Design is new but Wiring Actors is too obviousIn technical aspects, the only obvious flaw is that the wired actions among multi-camera sequences mostly wired robotically before actual jumps take place in physically acceptable moments.In other word, it wired the actors before the actual jumps by the actors themselves. Wired actions should not be overly used in this obvious way. Wiring actors before their own actual jumps is too obvious in this film.It hurts both realism and surrealism to the certain extent because it appears to be 'wire', a 'technic'. I did not see any other surface flaw in this entire film. The film production quality is the best among all Hong Kong films of 2018.Rule of Law versus Rule of Crony CapitalismThe mostly touching plot of this film is the reluctant police officer played by Philip Keung arrests his boss, Davidson-paid chief inspector played by Brian Thomas Burrell after finding tons of drags in the last street confrontational sequence of this film. Chinese police officers finally recovers the rule of law by 'betraying' the colonial British Caucasian authority.This political positioning is correct and impressive even in the after 1997 Hong Kong society. It is the classical catharsis in films about colonialist oppression, such as Casablanca (1942). The will of the Chinese police officer (Philip Keung) embodies patriotic consciousness and enthusiasm of Hong Kong Chinese people. As the result, this spin off is superior than Ip Man franchise's any other films.

    1 year ago

    One of the worst ip man movie, only ip man 1,2,3 starred by donnie yen can be considered as the real ip man movie. Ip man the legend is born, ip man legacy, etc is just low budget ridiculous story bad acting using ip man name. As for this one, the story line is so predictable, a big let down for the main character which almost on par fighting ip man yet having hard times handling a mere fighter


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