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Malcolm X (1992)

  • Drama History
  • A tribute to the controversial black activist and leader of the struggle for black liberation. He hit bottom during his imprisonment in the '50s, he became a Black Muslim and then a leader in the Nation of Islam. His assassination in 1965 left a legacy of self-determination and racial pride.

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    Biograpical epic of Malcolm X, the legendary African American leader. Born Malcolm Little, his father (a Garveyite Baptist minister) was killed by the Ku Klux Klan. Malcolm became a gangster, and while in jail discovered the Nation of Islam writings of Elijah Muhammad. He preaches the teachings when let out of jail, but later on goes on a pilgrimage to the city of Mecca, there he converts to the original Islamic religion and becomes a Sunni Muslim and changes his name to El-Hajj Malik Al-Shabazz. He is assassinated on February 21, 1965 and dies a Muslim martyr.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0104797/

    Malcolm X (1992) download

    Malcolm X (1992) download

    Malcolm X (1992) download

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    4 years ago

    "Malcom X" is an epic and historical biopic of Malcom X and the most prominent years of his influence as a public figure for race in America. Above anything else, "Malcom X" feels like a character piece considering the film's fine attention to the character's gradual and believable change throughout the movie. Helmed by Spike Lee, this nearly three and a half hour film covers Malcom X's life as a public figure on race, supremacy, and then equality. The audience is treated to one of the best and most devoted Denzel Washington performances ever put to celluloid and solid acting from the rest of the cast. While the film takes a few liberties and might feel biased at times, the epic dives into several important aspects of the character's life which makes this a character piece above anything else. Yes the film explores race in an in-depth and thorough way. Anyone interested in an epic and historical look at one of the most controversial figures in U.S. history, "Malcom X" offers a one of a kind experience that is unforgettable.

    4 years ago

    Denzel anchors this biopic about the life of activist Malcolm X. You learn about his young beginnings, youthful upbringing, how he became transformed into the Islamic leader, then his eventual disillusionment and further transformation.This story was a fascinating view with strong acting by Denzel. He seems to thrive in characters where he can go a little over the top though, and at times, that can get a bit tiring, much like in the more recent Fences, where his non-stop action is something you cannot keep up with. Malcolm X was a bit like that, but you saw that Malcolm had a deliberateness and an immediacy to his actions that pushed action.The setting was inner city with excellent costumes. His friend shorty and his other crew grew up to support and eventually adore Malcolm, but he also gained enemies. As his views started to venture from the strict Islam line, he created enemies. The film got a bit slow at times, but Angela Basset as his girl helped bring a nice evenness to the plot by solidly standing by her man thru thick and thin. This movie was a fascinating view of how a person can change colors, while always still doing the right thing according to their convictions. Such morals as Islam play a big role in our world today. Watching Malcolm X will help you understand how there can be good parts to it, but also abuses of it that are not good.I hope you enjoy Malcolm X.

    4 years ago

    A stunning performance by Denzel Washington (Oscar-nominated) carries this film literally into cinematic excellence. He stars as the titled character, the controversial Black Nationalist Leader who is easily one of the most interesting people who lived during the 20th Century. Spike Lee's uncompromising direction focuses on X's life. From his very early childhood to his violent death, the audience is given lots and lots information on the character as the film runs about 195 minutes. A good supporting cast helps, but this is Washington's show from the very start. His performance is very dominant and this is easily one of the best jobs that was never honored with an Academy Award. Brilliant biopic. 5 stars out of 5.


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