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Liverleaf (2018)

  • Horror Thriller Drama
  • The story follows Nozaki Haruka, a middle school student who transfers to a new school in a small town because of her father's work. Unfortunately, she becomes a victim of horrific bullying, but since the school will be closing in 2 months after graduation, no one is willing to help her.



    Haruka is new at her school and is in turn bullied and harassed by the students with one exception. Haruka's only friend is Mitsusru who makes attending class and life more tolerable. Things go from bad to disaster when Haruka's house burns to the ground resulting in the death of her parents and injury to her sister. Haruka is out for justice and blood.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt7155170/

    Liverleaf (2018) download

    Liverleaf (2018) download

    Liverleaf (2018) download

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    1 year ago

    "Liverleaf" (2018) directed by Eisuke Naitô based this story on a teen dystopian view on "bullying" and angst. The film is a cinematic interpretation of the manga comic, "Misumisô" by Rensuke Oshikiri. The main target of the bullying is focused on "Haruka Nozaki" (helmed by Anna Yamada) and her family in a nondescript small town.Naitô stays true to the type of overtop violence found in Japanese graphic novels. Most of violence was filmed in a stylish manner, even to the clothing and injuries endured onto the teen characters."Liverleaf" or "Misumisô" refers to a beautiful purple flower that blooms in the winter landscapes, which why many outdoor scenes were in amidst the social snowy landscape. Nozaki's revenge on her bullies starts to toil when a snowstorm appears.Teen actors were good at delivering psychotic behavior, like the character, "Rumi" played by Rena Ôtsuka. Aside from the celluloid teen assaults, it is a teen love story, or stories. As the film proceeds to a dwindling number of teen survivors, there are plot discovery of a triangle appears. I had viewed it at an international film festival where most of the viewers were starting to laugh when the violent scenes came up. I feel that their laughing was to deal with the on-screen gore; I would think that Naitô would p!ease to see these reactions.

    1 year ago

    I dont know why this movie has such low rating. The amount of intense in this movie is overwhelming. You can feel the hatred from her throughout the movie.


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