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This book presents a timely and multidisciplinary update on the modalities currently available for treating the most feared symptom of patients diagnosed with cancer. The various cancer pain syndromes are explored in detail, covering those related directly to malignancy and those due to the after-effects of cancer therapy. Treatment modalities, including pharmacologic approaches, interventional procedures, and palliative surgical options, are discussed clearly and concisely, with provision of recommendations for the practitioner. Further topics include new and emerging treatments for cancer pain, survivorship considerations, pain management in special populations, and implementation of systems-based pain programs. The book has been written by a multidisciplinary group of experts, reflecting the evolution in pain and symptom management that has occurred in parallel with progress toward more targeted oncologic treatments. Oncologists, palliative care physicians, allied health professionals, and other practitioners involved in caring for cancer patients will find Fundamentals of Cancer Pain Management to be a rich source of evidence-based insights into effective pain management.
Background and Assessment of Cancer Pain
History and Epidemiology of Cancer Pain
Cancer Pain Syndromes
Cancer Treatment Related Pain
Cancer Pain Management—A European Perspective
Pain in the Cancer Survivor
Pharmacologic Therapies
Opioid Therapy in Cancer Pain
Opioid-Related Side Effects and Management
Clinical Implications of Opioid Therapy
Non-opioid Analgesics and Emerging Therapies
Interventional and Locoregional Therapies
Palliative Radiation for Cancer Pain Management
Ablation Techniques in Cancer Pain
Interventional Treatments for Cancer Pain
Peripheral Nerve Entrapments in Cancer Pain
Intrathecal Analgesia in Cancer Pain
Neurosurgical Treatments for Cancer Pain
Total Pain and Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Psychosocial Aspects of Cancer Pain
Integrative Therapies in Cancer Pain

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