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King of the Hill is an American animated sitcom created by Mike Judge and Greg Daniels that ran from January 12, 1997 to May 6, 2010 on Fox. It centers on the Hills, a middle-class American family in the fictional city of Arlen, Texas. It attempts to maintain a realistic approach, seeking humor in the conventional and mundane aspects of everyday life.

The series debuted on the Fox network as a mid-season replacement in 1997, quickly becoming a hit. The series' popularity led to worldwide syndication, and reruns formely aired nightly on Adult Swim from 2009 until 2018. The show became one of Fox's longest-running series (third-longest as an animated series, behind The Simpsons and Family Guy), and briefly was the second longest running animated sitcom in history. In 2007, it was named by Time magazine as one of the top 100 greatest television shows of all time. King of the Hill won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for seven.

A total of 259 episodes aired over the course of its 13 seasons. The final episode aired on Fox on September 13, 2009. Four episodes from the final season were to have aired on Fox, but later premiered in nightly syndication from May 3 to 6, 2010


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King of the Hill (Complete Series) Seasons 0113 [480p] [5 -
King of the Hill S00E01 - The Making of King of the Hill 134 MB
King of the Hill S00E02 - Deleted & Extended Scenes [576 31 MB
King of the Hill S00E03 - Mowing with Charlie [576p] [x2 70 MB
/Screenshot 01.png 525 kB
/Screenshot 02.png 416 kB
/Screenshot 03.png 366 kB
/Screenshot 04.png 360 kB
/Screenshot 05.png 445 kB
/Screenshot 06.png 309 kB
/Screenshot 07.png 332 kB
/Screenshot 08.png 412 kB
/Screenshot 09.png 259 kB
/Screenshot 10.png 271 kB
/Screenshot 11.png 295 kB
/Screenshot 12.png 429 kB
/Screenshot 13.png 715 kB
/King of the Hill S01E01 - Pilot [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 143 MB
/King of the Hill S01E02 - Square Peg [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 131 MB
/King of the Hill S01E03 - The Order of the Straight Arrow [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 124 MB
/King of the Hill S01E04 - Hank's Got the Willies [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 137 MB
/King of the Hill S01E05 - Luanne's Saga [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 151 MB
/King of the Hill S01E06 - Hank's Unmentionable Problem [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 140 MB
/King of the Hill S01E07 - Westie Side Story [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 161 MB
/King of the Hill S01E08 - Shins of the Father [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 132 MB
/King of the Hill S01E09 - Peggy the Boggle Champ [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 129 MB
/King of the Hill S01E10 - Keeping Up With Our Joneses [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 138 MB
/King of the Hill S01E11 - King of the Ant Hill [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 146 MB
/King of the Hill S01E12 - Plastic White Female [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 165 MB
/King of the Hill S02E01 - How to Fire a Rifle Without Really Trying [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 138 MB
/King of the Hill S02E02 - Texas City Twister [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 136 MB
/King of the Hill S02E03 - The Arrowhead [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 146 MB
/King of the Hill S02E04 - Hilloween [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 114 MB
/King of the Hill S02E05 - Jumpin' Crack Bass (It's a Gas, Gas, Gas) [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 147 MB
/King of the Hill S02E06 - Husky Bobby [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 182 MB
/King of the Hill S02E07 - The Man Who Shot Cane Skretteburg [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 148 MB
/King of the Hill S02E08 - The Son That Got Away [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 137 MB
/King of the Hill S02E09 - The Company Man [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 152 MB
/King of the Hill S02E10 - Bobby Slam [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 178 MB
/King of the Hill S02E11 - The Unbearable Blindness of Laying [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 159 MB
/King of the Hill S02E12 - Meet the Manger Babies [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 167 MB
/King of the Hill S02E13 - Snow Job [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 178 MB
/King of the Hill S02E14 - I Remember Mono [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 181 MB
/King of the Hill S02E15 - Three Days of the Kahndo [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 164 MB
/King of the Hill S02E16 - Traffic Jam [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 167 MB
/King of the Hill S02E17 - Hank's Dirty Laundry [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 163 MB
/King of the Hill S02E18 - The Final Shinsult [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 171 MB
/King of the Hill S02E19 - Leanne's Saga [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 175 MB
/King of the Hill S02E20 - Junkie Business [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 142 MB
/King of the Hill S02E21 - Life in the Fast Lane, Bobby's Saga [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 152 MB
/King of the Hill S02E22 - Peggy's Turtle Song [576p] [x265] [pseudo].mkv 121 MB


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