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Outbreak Generation (2017)

  • Science Fiction
  • In the midst of a global epidemic, Annie finds herself the sole carer of her eight-year-old nephew, but he has questions only a mother can answer.



    Macy and John are nearing the end of their relationship. Mandy and Steve just had a one night stand. Then an infectious outbreak starts turning people into cannibals. Now each of these survivors must deal with their issues as they attempt to survive the outbreak. Low on food, no law enforcement, infected cannibals eating people in the streets, fear grows of what is outside and what might come through the door next.

    Into the Outbreak (2017) download

    Into the Outbreak (2017) download

    Into the Outbreak (2017) download

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    1 week ago

    The film was about how people deal with their feelings of love and loss during a zombie outbreak. Not the most action packed film if you are looking for zombie attacks, but it was an okay drama. The acting was decent and you could feel for the characters for the most part. There were a few scenes that it felt low budget and the acting less than great, but overall, did not take me out of the story line.

    1 week ago

    The only way this film got an 8.6 rating is if all the cast and crew rated the film themselves. It is utter garbage, shot in a crummy style with terrible acting. Don't waste your time. IMDB should be alerted to this shill.

    1 week ago

    INTO THE OUTBREAK is one part of an interminable indie sci-fi trilogy about survivors holing up in a remote farmhouse during a cannibal apocalypse. All of these films consist of characters merely hanging around in a house while a virus rampages outside. Occasionally someone gets infected and a lot of screaming follows but mostly this is sheer tedium with nothing happening whatsoever.


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