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I Am Sal by Abraham Falls, David Archer EPUB

What if you were born as a fully formed adult? Completely aware of your surroundings, fully able to speak, walk, think, and recognize, by name, all of the items you could see? The only thing missing, the only nagging void in your memory: your identity.

How do you think you would react to such a situation? Would it even be possibly to take it calmly? Or would there be a sense of panic? A rush of nauseating adrenaline so thick, so heavy, that it would leave you literally gasping for air in a room full of it?

Imagine just how frightening that could be.

Now, let's throw a single wrinkle into the mix. Suppose that you awakened into this new existence with one tiny clue as to who you were. A single word. A name. Which you somehow believed to be your own, despite the fact that you had no memory of any previous existence in which that name applied to you. Would this concept of a name, supposedly your own, in any way alleviate the stress of finding yourself suddenly coming into existence?

I'd like to say it did for me, but that simply wouldn't be the full truth. You will find that out soon enough though. But my only fear is what you might think once you learn the truth.

I am Sal.

This is my story.


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