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P R E P A R E T O B E U N L E A S H E D ! !

Horizon Chase Turbo One Year Anniversary Edition RIP

Release Date : 17/05/2019 Protection : Steam

Release Type : RIP 30x10.00MB Company : Aquiris Game Studio

Release Notes:

Horizon Chase Turbo is a racing game inspired by the great hits of the

80s and 90s: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush,

among others. Each curve and each lap in Horizon Chase Turbo recreates

classic arcade gameplay and offers you unbound speed limits of fun.

Full throttle on and enjoy!

RIPPED: Nothing

Install Notes:

  1. Unpack the release with WinRAR or equivalent

  2. Install

  3. Start game with the binary from game root folder

  4. Enjoy!

Remember to support quality games!

Unleashed salutes all friends of the family, contacts and competition!

" Prepare to be Unleashed! "

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Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition.RIP-Unleashed/README.txt 300 B
Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition.RIP-Unleashed/Unleashed.exe 281 MB
Horizon.Chase.Turbo.One.Year.Anniversary.Edition.RIP-Unleashed/unl-2019.nfo 3.3 kB


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