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Hercules in New York (1969)

  • Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Science Fiction
  • Hercules (Schwarzenegger) is sent to Earth where he finds true love and starts a promising career in the bodybuilder business.



    After many centuries, Hercules gets bored living in Olympus (the home of the great Greek gods) and decides to move to... New York. But obviously, it is not easy for a man who lived in ancient Greece to get used to modern life. So, things get a little tricky, especially when Zeus sends a few gods to bring his semi-god son back to mount Olympus.

    IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065832/

    Hercules in New York (1970) download

    Hercules in New York (1970) download

    Hercules in New York (1970) download

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    4 years ago

    o you know why Arnold is flexing? Because this is the first ever film starring the then- aspiring bodybuilder Arnold Schwarzenegger. In fact, this is the only thing that he is doing the right way in the whole movie-flexing.arnold is flexingArnold's debut motion picture is a raw and hilarious representation of the young version of one of the most successful men in the world.Schwarzenegger's evident lack of on- screen experience make this movie looks more like a documentary on bodybuilding.But first things first.The plot:Taking place back in 1970 when Arnold is still an adolescent, the movie tells us the story of the powerful gods of Olympus- the home of the Greek Gods.The plot centers more on the life of Zeus and mostly on his son Hercules (guess from the first time, which Austrian oak took the role).The young Hercules is spending his glorious but boring adolescence in Olympus- a kingdom far above the clouds among his divine family. One day he decides to disobey his father's will and escapes to earth.There, he is starting to explore things he has never experienced before- he falls in the trap of love and he struggles to become an undisputed bodybuilding champion.The cast:What cast?! Only Arnold is important here. He is also the only known name in the production.In fact, by the time, he was only a young bodybuilder who was trying to make his way to the Hollywood top, just like many other aspiring actors with a certain amount of self-esteem.This is a Funny Action Movie because:Like previously noticed, this is the first Arnold movie ever! He is so inexperienced in acting that you risk to have shortness of breath from laughter while watching the young Austrian desperately trying to be an actor.Originally, Schwarzenegger's voice was dubbed because he barely spoke English at the time. Later, however, when the DVD version was released, his own voice was included in the movie.It won't be far from truth to state that once the DVD version of the film was released, it gained international success. It is just my personal opinion here but I believe that it is due to the fact that then, for the first time, the world heard Arnold's legendary and ridiculous Austrian accent. And that changed everything.The plot is so primitive, the directing so poor and the acting so bad that it hurts. The whole movie is a complete nonsense from the beginning to the very end.It is like someone decided on Tuesday to make a movie and on Wednesday it was all wrapped up and ready to be on screen.The cast is disturbingly inappropriate and the acting is pathetic.But wait!Isn't it exactly what we are looking for? That's right. That is the whole idea of it.It is a sick fun and be sure that it is enjoyable. Arnold's accent is terribly hilarious and God forbid, don't watch this movie dubbed!Just experience Arnold crying out like a five year old retarded child "I am Hercules" a thousand times or "No man is superior to Hercules". The accent, combined with his funny face moves can easily make you go into spasms of laughter.Make sure that you don't miss the part at the beginning of the movie when he complains to his mighty father Zeus that he is "tired of the zame old zings, the same old facezz".At this time, you won't be sure if by the end of the movie Hercules will become bodybuilding champion but somehow you feel that he will definitely win the "who got the most ridiculous accent" competition.The funniest part is when Hercules is walking on the street along with his hot date and spots a bodybuilding competition poster with some tough man on the cover.He immediately goes angry and jealous. With the blink of an eye, he tears up his tight t-shirt and starts flexing his giant muscles in order to prove to his girlfriend that his is the God of the gym. He moves like a wounded panda. It is truly spectacular to observe.Another great scene is the scene with the bear. The extraordinary muscular Schwarzenegger takes his girl on a romantic carriage ride. All of a sudden, a bear comes out of nowhere and stands in front of the carriage roaring loud and menacing the lives of the couple in love.What do you think happens?Arnold jumps off the carriage and starts a spectacular one on one fight with the bear. I won't put spoilers here. I would just mention that the animal activists might get angry.During the whole movie Arnold's expressionless gaze and stiff acting are combined with the boring and inappropriate soundtrack, dramatically dull actors and poor directing. The dialogue is also very, very bad.Conclusion:Not only this is a must-see movie but if you ask me, it even should be included in your bucket list right after the "parachute diving" check off.Seriously, this gem perfectly serves its purpose-to distract you, to make you feel good and to make you laugh no matter if you are an Arnold Schwarzenegger fan or not.www. funny action movies.com

    4 years ago

    I love how, at the end, Zeus is so intrigued by Hercules' stories of his adventures on earth that Zeus decides to get away from his nagging wife, Juno, and flies down to earth from Olympus to earth to see what mischief he can get into. But in his long, black coat and hat with his long, curly beard he looks less like a Greek god than a flying rabbi! Comic gems like that are scattered throughout the film, making up for the awful acting and weak story line. Arnold Schwarzenegger also shows off his fantastic body throughout the movie; Deborah Loomis, playing Hercules' love interest, isn't half bad either! What more can you expect from a movie than some good chuckles and some fabulous eye candy? Don't be put off by some of the bad reputation this movie has been unfairly saddled with. It's definitely worth watching! I keep my eyes open, checking the TV listings, just to see if Hercules in New York will be on!

    4 years ago

    After working my way through Sly Stallones filmography. I decided to do the same with Arnold Schwarzenegger. First up is Hercules In New YorkPlot In A Paragraph: Hercules (Arnie) is sent to Earth, where he finds true love and starts a career in the bodybuilder business.In his feature film debut, Arnie is billed as Arnold Strong in the movie's credits, The DVD obviously has Schwarzenegger in huge letters across the top, and his voice is dubbed.The premise behind Hercules in New York is certainly strong enough to carry a movie, especially a comedy like this one, but it's very cheaply made, the scene with Hercules fighting a grizzly bear has to be seen to be believed, and no matter how bad the performance, everything seems to be the only take they filmed. Arnold Stang gives your typical comedians acting performance and Deborah Loomis is quite cute. I know it's Arnie's first movie, but he is awful. There is not one scene where there is any hint at a successful acting career in his future. Since the US production company went bankrupt, the movie was never released in theatres. In his Autobiography Total Recall, Arnie recalls how he was thrilled to be paid $1,000 a week for his work on the movie, and best of all, he sent a photograph home to his parents saying "You see? I told you this was going to work. I came to America, won Mr. Universe, and now I'm in the movies." 3/10


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