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Gone Girl (2014)

  • Mystery Thriller Drama
  • With his wife's disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent.

  • $61,000,000
  • Description

    Imdb: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2267998

    Gone Girl (2014) - Torrent Downloads Download Gone Girl 2014 movie from torrent downloads selecting either torrent or magnet link and watch Gone Girl full movie on HD downloading either 1080p or 720p torrent links. Genre Drama, Mystery, Thriller Imdb Rating 8.1/10 (709282) Description With his wife's disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent. Duration 149 minutes Secure Links Torrent Gone Girl with VPN Stream Gone Girl with VPN Quick Links Movie Info Torrent Downloads Keywords Related Alt Titles MPAA: (R) - Restricted Cast: Sela Ward, Neil Patrick Harris, Ben Affleck, Kim Dickens, Missi Pyle, Patrick Fugit, Rosamund Pike, Scoot McNairy, Kathleen Rose Perkins, Tyler Perry, Lee Norris, Casey Wilson, Boyd Holbrook, Carrie Coon, Emily Ratajkowski Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller Date Published: 2014-10-03 Directors: David Fincher Language: English Country: USA Imdb Link: Gone Girl

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    Good cast and decent story, although the end is not very convincing. The cut of the movie is really good and Rosamund Pike is genuinely scary. Not a master piece but quite good given the lack of passable movies lately.

    Rosamund Pike is outstanding as the wronged wife and Ben Affleck is very good as the husband. It is convoluted, and you do start to think is this just going over the top, but the end just shows Pike's character to be a damaged high-functioning psychopath. So at the final sequence, even if it's a tad far fetched even if you feel that Affleck deserves everything coming to him, the look she gives to the camera is that of an pure evil. As my youngest daughter used to say when she was a kid, she's got scary eyes.


    5 years ago

    Pimping ain't easy. Appreciate all your contributions.

    Don't understand why you don't have a skull. Always the 1st to provide a cam of which everyone copies & posts as their own. On certain movies like Guardians of the Galaxy I have to go see it, or wait for the HD version. Too good to watch on a cam. Especially when u have a nice quality HDTV & a 7.2 or 9.2 theater system. Only seen 1 movie (wasn't good) with the new Dolby Atmos in Transformers. Incredible viewing experience with the audio being 3D raining down from above you now. Very cool. Anyone figures out how to get the Dolby Atmos to work on something besides a Blu Ray disc & can figure out how to apply the format to other movies I'll pay $1,000 to. Know MANY others who would pay as well. Forecast a minimum of $20,000 payment the person that does it

    5 years ago

    why are people so hostile to the uploader??

    5 years ago

    I could complain but I'd just be say'n what's already been said and besides, it was free. Wha'da ya expect for free? Anyway,this'll probably be out on dvd before Thanxgiving.

    5 years ago

    I don't watch cams.

    A = ? V = ? M = 8.75/10

    5 years ago

    i comment next to never But ill make an exception for Shawnmurthy. go get a 12' piece of rope, fashion a slip knot and tie it over a branch. Second step, climb small ladder, third step, insert head....final step jump off ladder.......and hopefully that will be the end of your life and shitty movies.

    if there was a rating scale i do believe you would be f*cked and banned

    5 years ago

    We're so hostile to uploader because he lied about quality. It's 100% horse shit.

    5 years ago

    No Screen shots ? PASS ...................

    5 years ago

    So I finally check out this asshole's site to see how he is screwing people over. The amount of seeds he is stating each torrent has is bullshit. All I had to do was refresh the page a enough times to see the seed count patterns. It's set up to look like there is natural fluctuations but after enough refreshing you can see the pattern. What a loser, seeds amounts are changing way to drastically to be anything but bullshit. This cockknocker is blowing smoke up your asses. I bet that the positive reviews on here defending him are mostly him posting with different accounts. What a douche.

    5 years ago


    We're hostile towards him because he's an piece of shit who preys on noobs. He has never upped a decent CAM and throttles back his seed so he can make money with his website on his shitty ups before people realize they are getting scammed. The whole point of TPB is freedom of information, not fucking over ignorants. Go ahead, keep defending him dumbass.

    5 years ago

    IIRC shawnmurphy lost his skull for being a prick. If my memory is in error then he is not getting a skull for being a prick. One of those two IS correct.

    1.72GiB for a CAM, dont waste your time on this bandwidth wasting pricks shite.

    5 years ago

    if you dont upload you dont get to talk shit on other peoples work you just created an accunt in TPB to write comments.

    well,comment on video and audio but you shouldnt talk shit, you bunch of freeloaders

    4 years ago

    Not watchable really, but thanks for the up, will keep checking back A5V3

    4 years ago

    Really bad quality video and audio - hidden cam in the cinema. Makes it unwatchable.

    4 years ago

    bad quality ,we wait for something better (dvdscr or web-dl) :)


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