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Goldfinger- Open Your Eyes

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11 years ago


11 years ago

why are there no seeders? i have been stuck at the same percent for a long ass time now

11 years ago

97.8% for like 5 days now? really?

11 years ago

What the fuck? skaXnerd doesnt even fucking seed?

10 years ago

no ones gonna seed this huh?

10 years ago

stuck at 97.8% for a week now. Just about ready to give up..

10 years ago

why not seed? why not seed? whuts the matter wit u guys?!! WHY DONT YOU SEEEEEEEEED!!!

5 years ago

the torrent is stuck at 97.8 percent

needs the original seeder. lame this is likely goldfingers best and its the only one missing on music streaming services even


Goldfinger- Spokesman.mp3 2.3 MB
Goldfinger- Happy.mp3 2.5 MB
Goldfinger- Woodchuck.mp3 784 kB
Open Your Eyes Cover.bmp 264 kB
Goldfinger- Youth.mp3 2.3 MB
Goldfinger- Liar.mp3 305 kB
Goldfinger- Tell Me.mp3 2.0 MB
Goldfinger- January.mp3 3.4 MB
Goldfinger- Secret Teack #2.mp3 1.5 MB
Goldfinger- Spank Bank.mp3 1.2 MB
Goldfinger- Decision.mp3 2.6 MB
Goldfinger- Going Home.mp3 1.5 MB
Goldfinger- Dad.mp3 2.8 MB
Goldfinger- Radio.mp3 3.1 MB
Goldfinger- FTN.mp3 1.9 MB
Goldfinger- Open Your Eyes.mp3 2.6 MB
Goldfinger- It's Your Life.mp3 2.2 MB
Goldfinger- Secret Track #1.mp3 2.0 MB


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