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Powered Flight, Coast to Coast, Atlantic, USA/Europe non-stop.

Powered Flight - Recapping the efforts of 19th Century flight engineers, Power Flight reviews the work of many pioneers of flight.

Coast to Coast - Coast to Coast follows the attempts of Cat Rodgers, Oakley Kelley and John McReady in their attempts to cross the American continent by air.

Atlantic & the World - In 1919, one of four Navy Curtiss crafts successfully completes the first cross-Atlantic flight.

USA/Europe Non-Stop - Charles Lindbergh's famous non-stop crossing of the Atlantic is relived in USA/Europe Non-Stop.

Air Transport for All - This episode traces the developments in passenger air travel that set new standards for comfort and safety.

Golden Age Frontiers - Some of the more glamorous and adventurous moments in early aviation are examined.

Rocket Power - WWII sparks an unofficial "rocket race" between Germany and U.S.

Jet Power - Germans compete with England to design the best jet fighter.

Sound Barrier - Charles "Chuck" Yeager is chosen to fly the X-1 past the speed of sound.

Jet Airliner - This episode looks at the Boeing Company's efforts on the cutting edge of developing jet-powered aircraft in the mid-1950's.

Threshold of Space - A 1954 joint project between NASA, the U.S. Air Force, Navy and private industry resulted in the successful creation of the X-15 program that sets the stage for America's space program.

Space & Back - The Boeing Company is awarded a contract in the late 1950's to develop a vehicle capable of going to space and landing back on Earth.

Last Great World Record - Around the world, non-stop, and un-refuelled.


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Frontiers Of Flight - 04 - U.S.A. Europe NonStop.avi 363 MB
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Frontiers Of Flight - 12 - To Space And Back.avi 349 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 10 - The Jet Airliner.avi 348 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 06 - Golden Age Frontiers.avi 348 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 05 - Air Transportation For All.avi 347 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 13 - The Last Great World Record.avi 347 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 09 - The Sound Barrier.avi 347 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 08 - Jet Power.avi 343 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 01 - Powered Flight.avi 343 MB
Frontiers Of Flight - 03 - The Atlantic And The World.avi 336 MB


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