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Father Brown: Father Brown(2013)

  • Drama Crime Mystery
  • Father Brown is based on G. K. Chesterton's detective stories about a Catholic priest who doubles as an amateur detective in order to try and solve mysteries.



    Father Brown S06 1080P Bluray x264 mp4


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    About the Series:
    Set in the early 1950s, while Britain is still suffering through the aftermath of the
    Second World War, the local priest at St Mary's Catholic Church in fictional Cotswold village
    Kembleford often finds himself solving the town's biggest crimes.
    In addition to his typical parish duties, Father Brown uses his love and understanding of other
    people to ensure justice is served, and the right person held accountable
    (though in some circumstances, not always to the standard of the law).
    Assisted by the parish secretary and his own wit and sharp intellect, Father Brown works
    his way through a series of mishaps and intriguing clues to piece together the truth at every turn.
    Starring Mark Williams, Sorcha Cusack

    I hope you enjoy

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    Father Brown S06E01 - The Tree of Truth 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 996 MB
    Father Brown S06E02 - The Jackdaws Revenge 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E03 - The Kembleford Dragon 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E04 - The Angel of Mercy 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E05 - The Face of the Enemy 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E06 - The Devil you Know 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E07 - The Dance of Death 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E08 - The Cat of Mastigatus 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1000 MB
    Father Brown S06E09 - The Flower of the Fairway 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 1.0 GB
    Father Brown S06E10 - The Two Deaths of Hercule Flambeau 1080P x264 RB58.mp4 992 MB
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