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Fantasm Comes Again (1977)

  • Comedy
  • Libbie is assigned to her paper's sexual advice column, "Dear Collete". She is taking over the job of Harry a crusty old journalist who shows her the pro's and cons of the job while running on a tight deadline to get the column finished for the morning's paper. During the course of the evening they reply to a wide variety of sexual experiences submitted by the readers, some these include, sex in a threesome at a drive-in theatre, sex in a gymnasium, and sex in a library where the "Silence Please" sign gives the male librarian an advantage over the female readers.

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  • Description

    Journalist Libbie is taking over the "Dear Collette" sex advice column at her newspaper from veteran reporter Harry, who is retiring. Over the course of one night, he talks her through a series of letters from their readers. They include: *****1- "Silence Please": Sex in a library ****2- "Workout" Male teacher-female student sex in a gym ****3- "Double Feature" Rape in a drive in theatre *****4- "Going Up?" A threesome in an office elevator *****5- "Straw Dolls" Lesbian sex in a barn ****6- "The Good Old Gang at the Office" Boss' party of orgy ****7- "The Kiss of Life" Foursome sex in a pool **** 8- "Family Reunion" Incest ****9- "Overdrive "Oral sex on the road ****10- "True Confession" Sex between church janitor and a strict catholic virgin girl. —Anonymous

    Fantasm Comes Again (1977) download

    Fantasm Comes Again (1977) download

    Fantasm Comes Again (1977) download

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    11 months ago

    Harry, an old school cranky newspaper reporter helps a new girl reporter answer some sex letters for the "Dear Collete" advice column that she's taking over from him. She reads letters involving sex in the library, school locker room, drive-in rape, an elevator threesome lesbian action in the barn, and sex in church among others. This sequel to "Fantasm" lacks the charisma, originality, and fun of the first one. It's a dreary mess to sit through and it was very obvious that it was made simply to cash-in on the first movie and nothing more.My Grade: D- DVD Extras: Commentary with Producer Antony Ginnane; and Theatrical Trailer

    11 months ago

    After the success of Fantasm, it was surely logical that a sequel was produced but this did not garner the rave reviews and audiences of the first film. Perhaps this type of film was already passed its sell-by date. Written by Ross Dimsey and directed by Colin Eggleston, this film follows the same formula as the first but the ten vignettes are linked by agony aunt columnists Libby and Harry under the title, Dear Collette. As in the first film, the stories range from the comedic to lesbians to group sex to the non-PC rape-but-I-like-it type story.Some of the cast of the first film were used in this such as John Holmes, Candy Samples, Uschi Digart and Serena. Late actress Cheryl Rainbeaux Smith appears in the drive-in movie scene. The library scene is probably the most amusing with the gymnasium massage being the most erotic. Which is the most non-PC? Probably a toss-up between the drive-in and the confessional. To me, this film is better written and directed than the first but it has had its day.

    11 months ago

    I was led to believe that this sequel to Fantasm was inferior, but i was pleasantly surprised to see that it is better than the first film in many ways. The sex scenes are a lot more erotic in this film, and there is less 'forced' comedy this time around (though there are still humorous bits, especially Serena's segment). And once again there is a swimming pool scene with John Holmes that borders on hardcore, while the girl-girl scene with Uschi is far too mild even for soft-core. The highlight of the film has to be the 'gym massage', which is by far the most arousing vignette of the lot.Gone is the goofy professor that narrated & hosted the first film, replaced by a middle-aged guy and a young blonde reading aloud 'dear Collette' letters and answering them. Remarkably, the girl looks a lot like the currently active porn- star Jeanie Rivers. Overall, this is decent soft-core erotica.


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