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Face/Off (1997)

  • Action Crime Science Fiction Thriller
  • Sean Archer, a very tough, rugged FBI Agent. Who is still grieving for his dead son Michael. Archer believes that his son's killer is his sworn enemy, a very powerful criminal, Castor Troy. One day, Archer has finally cornered Castor, however, their fight has knocked out Troy cold. As Archer finally breathes easy over the capture of his enemy, he finds out that Troy has planted a bomb that will destroy the entire city of Los Angeles and all of its inhabitants. Unfortunately the only other person who knows its location is Castor's brother Pollux, and he refuses to talk. The solution, a special operation doctor that can cut off people's faces, and can place a person's face onto another person. Archer undergoes one of those surgeries to talk to Pollux. However, Castor Troy somehow regains consciousness and now wants revenge on Archer for taking his face. Not only is Troy ruining Archer's mission, but his personal life as well. Archer must stop Troy again. This time, it's personal.

  • $80,000,000
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    imdb Face/Off


    Sean Archer is a government agent who for six years has been trying to

    apprehend terrorist, Caster Troy, who tried to kill him but ended up killing

    Archer's son instead. When Archer corners Troy, Troy tells Archer that he has

    planted a bomb that will go off, unless he lets him go but Archer thinks that

    Troy is bluffing so a fight erupts that leaves Troy comatose. But later when

    they go through some of his brother, Pollux's things, they discover that

    Troy was telling the truth. All what they need now is to find out where it

    is and the only person who knows is Pollux. And the only person that he will

    talk to about it, is his brother, Caster but unfortunately he is a vegetable.

    A government official then suggests to Archer that he assume Caster's

    identity and ask Pollux about the bomb. So she brings him to a doctor who

    has perfected a method wherein the face of one individual is removed from

    him and placed on another. Archer agrees. The operation is a success so

    Archer as Troy goes to the prison where Pollux is being held and successfully

    gets him to tell him where the bomb is. Meanwhile, Troy who was believed to

    be comatose awakens and forces the doctor who operated on Archer to place

    Archer's face on him. He then goes to the prison as Archer and taunts Archer

    by telling him that he has destroyed all documentation of the operation and

    eliminated everyone who knew about it. He then takes his brother out and

    leaves Archer in prison. But Archer somehow manages to escape and is now

    trying to find someone who will believe and help him, while Troy is plotting



    =>-John Travolta.

    =>-Nicolas Cage.

    =>-Joan Allen.


    =>-John Woo.


    =>-Genre : Action : Crime : Sci-Fi .

    =>-Release Date : 1997.

    =>-Language : English.

    =>-File Size : 1.42 GiB.

    =>-Overall bit rate : 1 468 Kbps.

    =>-Movie Runtime : 2h 18mn.


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    =>-Resolution : 1280 x 544.

    =>-Bit rate : 1300 Kbps.

    Audio English.

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    It's like looking in a mirror, only, not. There's a tendency to undervalue the action movie. Certainly there's a wide expanse of land in cinema world where film fans reside, where the thought of praising an action film for being "classic" cinema is considered treason against the very word. Yet some of the artistry involved in the genre's leading lights is purely sublime, regardless of how bizarre and unlikely the plot is. Enter John Woo's berserker, ear splitting, high octane actioner, Face/Off. Rightly sitting along side the likes of Die Hard and Predator as genre pieces that showcase how good things can be when it all comes together, Woo's movie is as much fun as you could wish to have for over two hours of explosive, fantastical, unadulterated cinema. The plot sees John Travolta's serious family man cop, Sean Archer, devote his life to catching unbalanced maniacal bad guy Castor Troy (Nicolas Cage). There's some bad history between the two and when Archer manages to capture both Troy and his equally vile brother, Pollux (Alessandro Nivola), it would seem to be closure for Archer and his family. However, it's found that the Troy's have left a ticking bomb somewhere in Los Angeles, and if undetected it will flatten L.A. and kill practically everyone. So, Archer undergoes a revolutionary face-swapping procedure with the now comatose Castor and sets about getting the information from the incarcerated Pollux. But wait!, Castor wakes up and turns the tables by assuming Archer's identity, setting the wheels in motion for each man to live the others life until the Face/Off between the pair will decide their respective fate. Unbelievable? Of course. Who cares? Well nobody should really, because surely going into a film like this one is expecting the ludicrous. Both Cage and Travolta are superbly realising the spectacular nature of the script, and being mesmerising in the duality of the roles into the bargain. Make no bones about it, Woo and his team have crafted a benchmark action movie. There's a trail of thought that suggests that Woo basically keeps making the same movie, that's a fair enough point, sure enough, all of his staple action sequences and traits are evident in Face/Off. Yet Woo has delved into his characters, given them some flesh on their action bones, and then upped the anti in action set pieces to cloak them in chaotic beauty. From the opening Jet escape/pursuit set up, to the outrageous speed boat finale, the film is one long exhilarating breath taker. Joan Allen, Gina Gershon, Dominique Swain & Nick Cassavetes all file into the background playing important characters who are rightly secondary to the protagonists, while a ream of extras come and go as each are dispatched in a hail of Woo inspired carnage. The pace never sags and the eyes and ears are treated to a vibrancy that is often sadly missing from many other big budgeted action blockbusters. This is a masterpiece of action cinema, so even as a Orson Welles crane shot is a magnificent thing, so it be with the sight of two stunt men flailing thru the air in a spray of exploding water. Oh yes sir, this is a classic alright. 10/10

    A quality all-out action film! <em>'Face/Off'</em> isn't one that'll stick out in my memory as something deep meaning, incredibly written or anything of the sort. However, as an action film it's superb. There's barely a chance to rethink what you've just seen due to the prevalent and manic nature of onscreen events. You also have fascinating performances from the two leads. Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are awesome in this. I won't spoil the plot, but all I will say is that those two bring it to life brilliantly - it felt, at least to me, very believable; which is impressive. Across the opening portion I thought it was going to be Cage stealing the show, but as things progress Travolta really comes up big to match Cage. Away from NC and JT, there isn't really anything to scream about cast-wise; although, I gotta give shoutouts to Mike Delfino and Gavin Harris; if you know, you know. Nothing much more to note, to be honest. The terrific action means I'd highly recommend this.



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